What is limit ad tracking (LAT)?

Glossary What is limit ad tracking (LAT)?

The definition of limit ad tracking

Limit ad tracking (LAT) is a feature allowing iOS users to opt-out of sharing—or effectively having—an Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA). Note that LAT is an old feature that is currently only relevant for devices running on pre-iOS 14. With this setting enabled, the user’s IDFA appears blank when tracked, as a string of zeros. This means that the user won’t receive personalized or targeted advertising, because as far as ad networks can see, the device has no specific identity, meaning they can’t access the information or data that would be required to implement personalized advertising.

LAT is the pre iOS 14.5 feature that enables iOS users decide whether or not they will share their IDFA and opt-in to personalized advertising.

We have more up to date information on privacy settings for iOS and Apple devices. For the latest, see App Tracking Transparency and SKAdNetwork (SKAN).

Why is limit ad tracking important?

At a time of mounting privacy concerns, users who activate the feature may be doing so to prevent data collection because they are conscious of being tracked or because they no longer wish to receive targeted advertising. As an early step in Apple’s move to improve privacy for its device owners, LAT set the stage for ATT and was the beginning of preparing the mobile app marketing industry for advertising, measurement, and attribution without the IDFA.

Why do users switch on limit ad tracking?

The choice isn’t necessarily made due to ad quality, but due to consciousness of privacy, or a wariness of advertisements in general. Typically, there are always users who seek privacy protection, and the Limit Ad Tracking setting is designed to give those users an option to remove themselves from the process. There are always users who want to avoid advertising, and Limit Ad Tracking was one of the first steps in the industry to empower users to make their own decisions about data access and sharing on mobile.

Limit Ad Tracking and Adjust

As Limit Ad Tracking is only relevant for users running pre-iOS 14, the number of devices for which it is a concern to marketers and developers is decreasing every day. Adjust is, however, able to provide aggregated attribution data specifically tied to LAT users, meaning it can be viewed separately from your ATT opted-in data and your SKAN data.

Adjust remains permanently at the forefront of privacy-related developments and ensures that our clients always have the latest information and solutions required to continue successfully attributing, measuring, and optimizing their campaigns. Get more information on our iOS Solutions or reach out today to request a demo, our team will be happy to walk you through exactly how we can help grow your app business on iOS and beyond.

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