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Glossary Mediation Platform

Mediation Platform

What is a Mediation Platform?

Mediation platforms centralize access to multiple ad networks in one SDK integration, leveraging an optimization algorithm to determine which mediated ad network can fill the app developer’s inventory with the highest CPM.

Why are Mediation Platforms Important?

Most importantly, a mediation platform is useful for increasing ad revenue. The mediation platform checks what CPMs the various ad sources are offering and fills the impression opportunity with the highest one. It’s this competition that drives up the CPMs and can oftentimes yield app developers a 3x increase in ad revenue. Some mediation platforms have an auto-optimization algorithm, which can increase performance compared to a traditional waterfall, to save time and resources normally spent managing waterfalls.

Additionally, mediation platforms consolidate many ad networks into just one SDK integration. Having too many SDK integrations can affect an app’s performance, slowing it down and causing unforeseen irregularities in the app’s user experience - what’s also known as SDK bloat.

An Example of a Mediation Platform: ironSource

ironSource’s mediation platform lets app developers manage their monetization strategies the way they want - whether it’s combining the traditional waterfall model with auto-optimization, managing direct deals and cross-promotion campaigns, or working with an in-app bidding environment.

In addition to mediating ad networks, the ironSource platform offers developers a tool for A/B testing different ad monetization strategies, a solution for measuring ad revenue on the user level (which can be integrated into your Adjust dashboard), extensive reporting with advanced analytics, and more.