What is a partner?

Glossary What is a partner?

The definition of media partners

Media partners own advertisement space in some capacity, selling space (known as inventory) to advertisers for a limited time. In mobile marketing, partners own in-app and web traffic. They are integrated into apps on which they sell advertising. By integrating into more apps, partners expand the reach of their advertising capabilities.

Why are partners important?

Partners are an essential part of the mobile ecosystem, providing ad space to advertisers while also creating another means to profit from building apps beyond sales and in-app stores. By providing a means to sell ads, both advertisers and app promoters can focus on creation.

What is a special partner?

Adjust provides integrations for certain partners, offering extended integration in the form of modules, which can be found in the dash. These modules allow you to receive extended data, or data that can not be accessed through our standard integration with all partners. Read our documentation for a detailed explanation of how this works.

Partners and Adjust

Adjust allows you to integrate with any partner you choose, and we even have the ability to instantly involve new partners with the product. The integration can be set up right on the click URL, with zero lead-time, and the data transmissions are fully real-time. For a full list of Integrated Partners, take a look here.

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