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Portuma is the first blockchain entegrated in-game advertising platform. Portuma while integrating game developers around the world into its system, it brings together advertising spaces with brands.

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About Portuma

It is a platform where all game developers of the world can be included in the ecosystem, where in-game advertising spaces and brands can meet with real-time bidding. Having a blockchain system, Portuma offers game studios valuable advantages. Game console companies, mobile game and computer game developers will be able to receive in-game advertisements thanks to Portuma, brands will be more visible with these advertising spaces. Uses IAB standards for advertising spaces and is a member of IAB

Portuma's goal is to introduce fun, creative and adapted in-game ads to video games without damaging the gameplay.

Portuma's blockchain ranked in the top 10 in the list of the world's most reliable Metaverse projects in the BSC network by CertiK.

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Portuma and Adjust

Portma Adjust brings together the innovative Portuma in-game advertising world with innovative advertisers


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Use cases

  • %55 In-game Retention Increase With Portuma

    The game of Back Streets gained a rocket-ish increase in impression rates after its integration into Portuma. Also, click rates have increased, too. * %55 Retention * %1200 Game time with a percentile increasing