Boutiqaat is the largest social e-commerce platform in the Middle East enabling users to connect with their favorite celebrity influencers and purchase items from over 700+ international brand names in beauty, fashion, accessories, sportswear, footwear and more. With a premium audience of savvy celebrity influencers and fans, Boutiqaat constantly works on keeping their user’s demands met by offering new products and mobile experiences.

Boutiqaat integrated with Adjust a little over a year ago as the company was gearing up to run paid advertising campaigns for the first time. They needed a provider that would not only help them track their paid advertising campaigns but also help in understanding their new users and identifying the right channels to communicate with them. The integration team at Adjust played a vital part in getting Boutiqaat set up for attribution as they advised on commonly tracked e-commerce events such as “item view”, “add to cart” as well as helped them with getting set up to receive revenue data to measure key metrics like return on advertising spend (ROAS) and average order value (AOV).

Segment, Segment, Segment

To start their initiatives on paid advertising campaigns, Boutiqaat chose the likes of Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Google. As Boutiqaat gradually acquired users from paid campaigns, they eventually had enough data to analyze trends in user behavior. Using the Adjust Audience Builder, Boutiqaat was able to segment users by critical attributes such as view item, add to cart and purchase. By segmenting users based on these attributes, Boutiqaat could serve dynamic ads based on the user’s interest shown towards a particular item. One segment in particular stuck out for Boutiqaat: the cart abandoners.

The cart abandoners is one audience that is key for us. These are users who are on the verge of converting but haven’t converted yet. Using the Adjust Audience Builder, we’re able to segment these users and target them with Dynamic Retargeting. The amount of personalization we get from segmenting our users has led to a 3x higher conversion rate.

Kavish Barapatre

Director - Marketing, Boutiqaat

Personalized Advertising Increases CR

Dynamic retargeting is a method used to serve personalized advertisements based on a user’s previous in-app experience. The ad feels personalized because it shows items tailored to a user’s past in-app behavior, such as a particular item they either viewed or added to their cart. Boutiqaat took the concept of dynamic retargeting to retarget “cart abandoners”. Instead of targeting this segment of users with a generic advertisement, Boutiqaat used dynamic retargeting to serve a personalized experience.

Adjust has fueled our data-driven marketing strategy. We use the data we get from Adjust to identify high performing ad partners, tackle ad fraud, and create audience lists to segment our users based on in-app behavior. Working with Adjust has helped us bring down costs and bring transparency into our Marketing budgets.

Aaryan Kapur

Manager - Marketing, Boutiqaat

Accessing the results of the campaign was easy thanks to the filter on the Adjust Dashboard that allows clients to isolate users who came from a retargeting campaign. By segmenting the cart abandoners and showing them personalized ads, Boutiqaat saw a 3x higher conversion rate, and because they had set up revenue data, they saw an overall 28% decrease in cost per order for the cart abandoners segment. Not only did the retargeting campaigns bring users back to the app, but the users purchased more than just the one item they abandoned. Boutiqaat recorded an increase of 12% in average order value, a key metric for any ecommerce platform tracking results.

The Future is Bright - with Data!

The Middle East is a fast-paced growing market for mobile-first companies, and Boutiqaat is at the forefront of that growth. What started off as a platform for beauty buffs and influencers, has quickly expanded into other categories like fashion and accessories and including men into their audience well. As Boutiqaat inches closer and closer to unicorn status, their teams are growing too. The marketing team at Boutiqaat use Adjust data as the source of truth to make any business-related decision. As the company grows, their needs for more sophisticated data analysis evolve. As they gradually build up their Business Intelligence to funnel Adjust data, the integration teams at Adjust are right next to them to ensure they are set up for success!


  • Reduced Cost of New User Acquisition by 26% by identifying key channels and by using Fraud Prevention Suite
  • Achieved 3x Conversion Rate by Segmenting and targeting the right set of users
  • Achieved 28% less Cost per Order (CPO) and 12% greater Average Order Value (AOV) by identifying and targeting the right set of audiences on the relevant platforms using attribution modelling
  • Identified the conversion path for our users and allocated marketing budget accordingly leading to 22% more efficiency in Budget allocation