Adjust and TikTok boost app discovery and conversions for grocery app Careem

About Careem

Careem is a super app catering to the greater Middle East market, operating in over 70 cities across 10 countries, from Morocco to Pakistan. Careem’s purpose is to simplify and improve the lives of its users, by providing access to transport options, food and grocery ordering, payment management, and more.

Boosting cross-selling amongst its existing user base is a current focus for Careem. Initially concentrating on Careem Quik—the app’s grocery ordering feature—Careem was keen to measure the effectiveness of TikTok advertising by targeting specific segments with specific ads.

Careem Quik Groceries image

The challenge

Careem Quik aimed to boost its grocery segment discovery and conversions by tapping into its existing customer base with TikTok’s performance solutions. Simultaneously, Careem Quik aimed to measure the effectiveness of its performance marketing campaign and whether it could be integrated as an always-on strategy to increase cross-selling opportunities within its current user base.

Screenshots from Careem's Quik app

The solution

In order to measure the incremental effect of TikTok, Careem Quik decided to work with Adjust, leveraging Adjust's Audience Builder in designing an incrementality experiment. Audience Builder makes creating custom audience segments for this type of incrementality testing quick and easy, allowing advertisers to build, download, and share customized user lists—right from the Adjust dashboard. Advertisers can use the dashboard to segment users, then create group lists to share with partners for retargeting campaigns, A/B testing, and more.

Using the Audience Builder tool, Careem was able to build an audience of users who have been active in the Careem app in the past 30 days but haven’t ordered any groceries using Quik. After building the audience, Careem randomly split it into two groups with an 80-to-20 ratio. The 20% group was chosen as a control group and was not served any ads, while the 80% group became a treatment group and was transferred to TikTok Ads Manager to be included in an app promotion campaign on iOS and Android. After running the campaign, Careem calculated the lift by looking at discoveries and first order numbers from the control and treatment groups.

Audience Builder proved to be the ideal solution for Careem to leverage to build custom audience segments in preparation for this type of incrementality modeling. Speaking of incrementality, Adjust’s latest launch in this space is our next-generation Insight solution, using AI to uncover the true incremental value of marketing actions, maximizing efficiency and accuracy.

Hassaan Ali

Senior Manager Performance Marketing, Careem

Screenshots of the Careem Quik app

The results

With the help of Adjust and TikTok, Careem realized significant uplift in discoveries and first orders:

  • 25% lift in discoveries on Android
  • 5.9% lift in discoveries on iOS
  • 15.4% lift in first orders on iOS

Based on the analysis, there was a 5.9% lift in discovery for iOS, while Android showed a 25% lift. The iOS tests revealed a significant 15.45% lift in conversions specifically for the first order, while Android’s results remained consistent between the control and the exposed groups. These results prove TikTok advertising with Adjust segmentation to be an effective way to understand and boost discovery on both iOS and Android operating systems.