Case Study: Dagangan x Adjust

About Dagangan

Dagangan is an e-commerce company based in Indonesia that delivers daily goods like groceries, toiletries, and household appliances to smaller towns and villages. In some of Indonesia’s remote villages, people often need to take up to an entire day off work to travel to their nearest city to purchase these essential items. Dagangan’s mission is to eliminate this inconvenience and digitize rural ecosystems by creating a series of digital products that cater to users in these rural areas.

The Challenge

Without a mobile measurement partner (MMP), Dagangan had difficulty measuring the success of its digital marketing campaigns. A focus on profitability meant Dagangan not only needed to measure installs but also attract users who would complete their first in-app purchase. Deep data analysis of their campaigns was essential to improve return on investment (ROI).

The Solution

Dagangan began working with Adjust, using Adjust’s mobile app attribution and ROI measurement tools, and raw data reports. Thanks to these solutions, the team was finally able to accurately attribute and measure their users’ engagements. Deep data detailing when the advertisement was displayed, what channel(s) the user saw the ad on, corresponding ad spend, and user-level lifetime value (LTV) provided the insights Dagangan needed to analyze their customer journey models and successfully drive conversions.

Putu Mahendra

Product Manager, Dagangan

Newfound confidence in campaign analytics prompted Dagangan to work with influencers to build upper-funnel awareness and engagement with potential customers. Tracking influencer campaigns helped acquire a number of new users, resulting in increased in-app purchases.

Dira Illanoor

Digital Marketing Strategist, Dagangan

The Results

Now, Dagangan is able to test and learn confidently and is getting ever closer to its goal of digitizing rural Indonesia.

With the help of Adjust, Dagangan has been able to:
  • Increase ROAS 24 times over across paid marketing initiatives
  • Increase transparency of their acquisition funnel across their paid marketing including influencer campaigns
  • Significantly optimize marketing campaigns