Case Study: IDP Education

Adjust x IDP Education

About IDP Education

Operating in more than 80 countries around the world, international education services company IDP helps people achieve their international education and career goals through its IDP Live and IELTS by IDP apps.

IDP Live launched in 2019. The app combines data and human expertise to give students the best chance of getting into their ideal course. With IDP Live, students can find the right course at the right university with a course-matching service. Students can also receive a decision from their dream university in minutes using the IDP FastLane feature.

Launched in 2022, IELTS by IDP is an all-in-one solution where students can book, prepare, and access IELTS test results from a single unified app. Co-owned by IDP, IELTS is recognized by more than 11,500 organizations across the world as the world’s leading English language test for study, work, and migration purposes.

The challenge

IDP needed a mobile measurement partner (MMP) to effectively measure the performance of its apps’ marketing campaigns across a number of countries and a variety of objectives. Without proper measurement in place, the company had difficulty identifying user acquisition (UA) sources and reliably measuring conversions. These insights were critical for analyzing the effectiveness of their marketing efforts as well as the performance of various channels in order to optimize strategies effectively.

Prem Pradeep

Product Team, IDP Education Ltd

Trustworthy attribution was also necessary to understand user behavior, preferences, and engagement patterns. This would enable IDP to ensure its apps provide relevant and effective content, resources, and support based on individual needs and preferences.

The team at IDP needed the reliable data of an MMP to optimize its services, improve user acquisition strategies, and enhance the overall user journey, ultimately maximizing its students’ educational experience and success.

The solution

To begin, the team at IDP leveraged Adjust to understand which campaigns were generating the most conversions. The ability to filter by specific locations facilitated a simpler analysis experience.

With this information and initial campaign optimizations underway, IDP then delved deeper into insights using raw data. Working alongside the Adjust support team, IDP was able to expand its marketing channels with a deeper understanding of performance.

Vishal Ramesh

Social Media Specialist, IDP Education Ltd

IDP assessed the effectiveness of re-engagement campaigns compared to user acquisition campaigns by analyzing install and reattribution volumes side-by-side. They also identified and measured a number of events along the funnel to gauge campaign performance and success across operating systems and geographical locations. Adjust’s App Performance Report helped to visualize the company’s multiple apps and campaigns simultaneously, providing a view of overall performance.

Integrating all of IDP’s marketing platforms and channels into a single tool was a sizeable task, considering the company’s global presence with apps in over 80 countries. IDP utilizes over 100 ad accounts, 12 platforms, and numerous campaigns. With the support of the Adjust support team and strategic planning, IDP was able to complete the integration swiftly for all three of its global apps.

The results

With the help of Adjust, IDP Education has been able to:

  • Grow monthly active users (MAU) by 25%
  • Improve D7 retention by 10%
  • Increase user stickiness
  • Reduce effective cost per install (eCPI) by 50%