Case Study: Indofun

About Indofun Games

Indofun Games is the leading mobile game publisher in Indonesia. Established in 2015, Indofun Games has successfully launched more than 20 mobile games that gain popularity across the globe with over 10 million downloads - making it one of the most dominating games publishers in Indonesia.

The Challenge

Looking for whales in a sea of fish

Indofun publishes highly interactive mobile games in which users roleplay by creating characters and interacting with other gamers virtually. By building their characters up through a series of alliances with other players and through in-app purchases to buy power, weapons, or tools, they earn the experience or strength to advance in the games. Indofun’s games are highly strategic, with users earning rewards at a gradual pace rather than instantaneously. Only a small percentage of users monetize in the game, and an even smaller percentage of users are commonly known as “whales” in the gaming industry. Whales are precious users because of their frequent in-app purchases. They make up the majority of the in-game revenue generated. These core groups of players are hard to come by in user acquisition campaigns. Naturally, Indofun wanted to attract more whales, so they were looking for a solution that could pinpoint these core users and ultimately increase their revenues.

The Solution

Using audience segmentation to find look-a-like audiences

Indofun tracks all of its paid and unpaid mobile marketing campaigns with Adjust to understand how users behave after they’ve installed one of their apps. Since their users gradually advance throughout their games, Indofun’s user acquisition strategy requires patience. By leveraging Adjust’s unlimited in-app event tracking, Indofun tracks everything from character creation to in-app event purchases, power usage, and more simply to gauge the player’s level of engagement in their game. A low conversion rate from install to character creation might signal a problem in the game that needs to be addressed by the product team. Using Adjust, the marketing team at Indofun can quickly assess the happenings in their games and share event data with other teams for further analysis.

When it comes to spotting whales, Indofun uses key performance indicators to benchmark a player’s potential to turn into a whale. Key metrics like retention rate and revenue are top of mind when looking for whales. If users spend early on in the game or stick around for a long time after installing, the user might become a whale further down the line. Using the Adjust’s Audience Builder, Indofun creates segments of users that meet the criteria that they identified as having similar attributes unique to whale players, like spending over a certain threshold. Using these audiences, Indofun uploads them to their marketing partners, where they create look-a-like audiences. These look-a-like audiences are used for new user acquisition targeting to attract users that mimic whale-like behavior.

Haekhel Fachrialdy

Digital Marketing Manager, Indofun Games

The Result

Laser focused targeting and increased conversion rates

By segmenting users and creating look-a-like audiences from the Adjust Audience Builder, Indofun achieved higher conversion rates and allocated their budgets more efficiently.

Their efforts resulted in:

  • Identified top sources for high performing campaigns
  • Increased conversion rate by 30%
  • Increased number of gaming whales by 5X

Haekhel Fachrialdy

Digital Marketing Manager, Indofun Games