Case Study: PAPYLESS


PAPYLESS offers comics and professionally translated content at an affordable price on its comic platform "Renta!". The total number of e-book purchases reached 100 million in 2014 while the business has expanded globally in the U.S., Canada, Australia, UK and Germany.

To improve the retention and user experience in the long term, it is important to understand user conversion and their drop-off points in the funnel. PAPYLESS successfully obtained insights for improving its products and performance marketing by tracking the user behavior. The data points which show when the users uninstalled the app as well as at which point the users lost their interest respectively helped the team at PAPYLESS understand the points in the funnel where the users churned.


Finding the optimal users to maximize the performance of remarketing campaigns

PAPYLESS has worked with a mobile SDP, Remerge for the last three years as part of its mobile app growth strategy. Remerge is an ad platform focused on app retargeting. As an app offering comics and content, it is important for mobile growth to reengage with users strategically based on the each stage of the user funnel. The app has run campaigns targeting both active unpaid users and active paid users to drive user engagements and in-app purchases.

Also, PAPYLESS was particularly interested in targeting users who uninstalled the app. In retargeting, tracking and knowing users who uninstall/reinstall the app is one of the most critical factors. When these users click an ad, the app will not reopen and they will be directed to the app store — therefore it is necessary to exclude them from the audience to which the ad is served. If there is no data available for uninstalled users, the click will be tracked but the goal (app reopen) will not be achieved, so the app reopen rate (re-engagement rate) will not be accurate.


Leveraging Adjust's uninstall/reinstall tracking function for more precise retargeting segmentation

Adjust's uninstall/reinstall tracking solution enables tracking of user life cycles. Marketers can track the status of app users and performance of campaigns for bringing the churned users back to the app. Also, re-acquiring the existing users has more advantages than acquiring new users in terms of cost. It is possible to identify the cause of churn with uninstall tracking while reinstall tracking enables measuring and evaluating the effectiveness of engagement strategy.

With a seamless integration between Adjust and Remerge, Remerge were able to effectively exclude the uninstalled users from the target for the retargeting campaigns with the uninstall/reinstall solution to serve ads to the users who uninstalled the app. These postbacks were also applied to the existing retargeting campaigns.

Kiyoshi Tsuchiya

Director of Overseas Business, PAPYLESS CO., LTD.


Improved accuracy of budget allocation while achieving increased effectiveness of re-engagement campaigns

  • 21% increase in app reopen rate: App reopen rate for PAPYLESS increased by 27%から48% after implementing the uninstall/reinstall solution.
  • ROAS improved by 50%: The increase in ROAS is also directly related to the improved conversion metric.
  • More detailed assessment of budget allocation: The app minimized the amount of budget wasted in unnecessary ad serving and improved the accuracy of budget allocation by ensuring to exclude the uninstalled users from the target.