Case Study: Sungai

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About Sungai

Active since 2019, Sungai PTE LTD has already been catapulted into success by their entertainment app CocoFun, which has already had more than 10 million downloads. With most users based in Indonesia, where it is the #3 ranked app in the entertainment vertical, their most popular app, CocoFun
is a humor-inspired content application where users can view and share the latest videos, pictures and memes dominating the web on a daily basis. Users are also encouraged to upload their own content, watch TV shows and movies and play games.

The Challenge

Lower install prices and improve retention rates

Sungai has grown exponentially in the highly competitive entertainment vertical and being able
to effectively optimize the right creatives is essential to their continued success. With their main focus on improving install numbers, install prices and retention rates, the amount of data they are working with was becoming unmanageable. If apps are to scale as they grow, automated solutions are required to successfully manage campaigns. Without being able to properly assess and make decisions based on the high volumes of data they receive, they aren’t able to improve their metrics in a timely manner. Not managing this data effectively means the potential of acquiring users that are expensive and low-quality.

This is exactly why Sungai was looking for a solution that would allow them to automate as many of their workflows as possible. They needed to be able to set-up ads, update creatives and stop creatives that weren’t performing. The ability to see in real-time which creatives are performing on which channels, and where budgets should be allocated to drive

the highest-quality installs is only fully achievable through automation. This is exactly why Sungai needed to make the move to a fully-automated, single dashboard where they can effectively compare key performance metrics and make instant adjustments to campaigns, bids and budgets.

Instead of switching between dashboards and using up valuable marketing time and manually juggling data sets, Sungai realized the potential of switching to a fully automated service.

The Solution

Increasing revenue with automated campaign management

Sungai realized the need for a fully-automated data reporting solution that would empower them to optimize campaigns and creatives in real-time. With the goal of improving install rates and prices and to drive better retention rates, the Adjust Automate product ticked all boxes. Instead of switching between dashboards and comparing data sets to make campaign decisions, Adjust Automate aggregates all performance data, allowing them to set-up custom reports and to change bids and budgets instantly based on what is performing well and what is not - the results of which they can also see in real-time.

"Since working with Adjust Automate, we’ve been able to improve the three KPIs we are focussing on most closely - install rates, install prices, and retention rates. Not only this, but we’ve also saved our marketing team countless hours previously spent on manually sorting data."

Kent Xu

UA Manager, Sungai

If a campaign is, for example, performing well and driving installs on Facebook, they can channel more budget into it and pull budget and bids away from channels that might not be performing as well. This gives the marketing team the ability not only to make better-informed decisions, but to save time that can be redirected to working on Facebook ad campaign creatives, strategizing, and improving retention rates. For Sungai, Facebook is the media source bringing them the most relevant and valuable audiences, so having this extra time thanks to Adjust Automate helps them continue optimizing on their most important channel.

“We’re now able to direct more resources to improve our Facebook creatives and campaigns, as opposed to spending time trying to understand and compare all of the data. Adjust Automate has saved us huge amounts of time and helped us decrease customer churn and increase revenue."

Kent Xu

UA Manager, Sungai

The Result

Attributing ad revenue to users

By fully automating their reporting, Sungai have managed to save time previously spent switching between dashboards and manually updating campaigns. They’ve also increased the total number of installs they receive while concurrently decreasing the cost of these installs. The overall quality of users acquired has also increased, as retention rate and consequent lifetime value (LTV) has improved considerably.

Attributing ad revenue to users

  • Increase install rates by 25%
  • Decrease install prices by 36%
  • Improve retention rates by 18%
  • FB ad spend increased by 22% with LTV improved 2x
  • Decrease time spent on campaign management by 2x

"We now have full visibility over our campaigns which has empowered us to make better marketing decisions, most importantly, we’re able to stop creatives with low install numbers and high prices, and channel more budget into those campaigns performing well."

Kent Xu

UA Manager, Sungai