Case study: Super Free Games x AppLovin x Adjust

About Super Free Games

Super Free Games specializes in top-tier word, trivia, and puzzle games. Since 2011, the company has been innovating and growing, entertaining millions worldwide with renowned games such as Word Collect, Trivia Star, and Trivia Puzzle Fortune. Their number one priority is delivering exceptional gaming experiences.

The challenge

Interested in scaling from a small company with only a few games to a major player in the industry, Super Free Games needed to identify the most effective strategies for a flourishing expansion. Experimenting with new campaigns proved both time-consuming and costly. This was largely due to the need for implementing learning campaigns, crucial for training AI targeting algorithms.

Recognizing these hurdles, Super Free Games sought expertise from Adjust and AppLovin, aiming to gain insights and strategies to efficiently scale their growth to its full potential.

The solution

Super Free Games achieved its growth objectives with the help of Adjust and AppLovin's innovative solutions. Together, Super Free Games' growth and optimization strategies were significantly boosted through AppDiscovery, a powerful AI-based user acquisition tool from AppLovin that leverages Adjust's robust attribution data to power its advanced, automated campaigns. The resulting data enabled transparent, down-funnel reporting on Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) and other custom metrics.

This AI-powered advertising engine allowed them to not only focus on the key performance indicators (KPIs) most crucial to their success but also to experiment with new KPIs efficiently. Crucially, this experimentation came with substantial reduction in learning costs and time, thereby streamlining the process of launching new campaigns.

Liam Petersen

Co-Head of Studio, Super Free Games

Additionally, through Adjust’s ad spend solution SpendWorks, Super Free Games identified their most efficient advertising channels, with AppLovin emerging as the top performer. This insight allowed for strategic budget allocation, maximizing return on investment. The integration of all data within Datascape streamlined this analysis, providing a comprehensive view in a single platform.

The results

By combining the Adjust attribution data with AppLovin’s growth engine, Super Free Games was able to optimize and scale their acquisition campaigns resulting in not only a comprehensive growth strategy but also:

  • Expanded its game Word Collect from 4 geographical locations to 20.
  • Grew campaign spend from $35,000/month to over $350,000/month.
  • Introduced IAP, CPE, ROAS, and CTV user acquisition campaigns in addition to their existing ROAS campaigns.
  • Increased the number of global campaigns spending over $30,000 by 34%
  • Increased app store ranking in Word category from rank 70 to top 10.

Liam Petersen

Co-Head of Studio, Super Free Games