The Adjust Mobile Measurement Glossary

Deep Linking


What is Deep Linking?

Deep links are a type of link that, when clicked on or redirected to, send users directly to an app instead of a website or a store.

Deep linking does this by specifying a custom URL scheme (iOSs Universal Links) or an intent URL (on Android devices) that opens your app if it’s already installed. Deep links can also be set to direct to specific events or pages, which could tie into campaigns that you may want to run.

Why Are Deep Links Important?

Deep links produce a seamless user journey that reduces churn and increases the likelihood of an app installation. They let you make sophisticated campaigns while providing a better user experience, moving users onto your app in a single click.

Deep links also create the opportunity for easier incentivization. It’s simple to persuade people to try a new experience when a potential prize or offer is sent to them via a retargeting campaign in order to get them back onto an app.

Deep linking campaigns can also be tracked, and provide extra data points on how your campaign performs which you could then test to find out which incentives work best.

Deep Linking and Adjust

Deep linking may seem like a challenge, but Adjust can help take care of it. You can create deep links, deploy them and track the results in our dashboard.

Our deep links also defer, with settings that allow you to redirect users to a store first for download (should the user not have the app installed) before then pushing them onto the page you had originally intended them to go.

For much, much more on deep linking, take a look at Adjust’s full guide, which you can find here, as well as our docs which contain detailed technical information on how deep links work.