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In the evolving world of mobile marketing, opportunities to strengthen your UA strategy using new and unique channels are constantly presenting themselves to marketers. However, one-experience does not fit all channels. Users are increasingly sophisticated and their expectations for a seamless engagement depends on the marketing channel.

Join Adjust, Digital Turbine, and Electronic Arts for a conversation around creating a meaningful and strategic omnichannel marketing experience for your users so you never miss the opportunity for an engagement again.

Things you can expect to learn from this session

  • Things to consider when finding a new partner

  • Using existing data points to identify & prioritize new channels

  • Importance of having test-and-learn mentality & willingness to take risks

  • Tailoring creative to the specific channel

  • What trends to expect in the future

Tatiana Hoffman

Product Manager, Adjust

Scott Tomkins

SVP of Americas, Digital Turbine

Dom Garaventa

Growth Marketing Manager, Mobile, Electronic Arts

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