The ABCs of Mobile Ad Fraud (and Strategies to Fight It)

Adjust’s Fraud expert Andreas Naumann was invited by our long-time partner LIftoff to share his expertise on the topic of Mobile Ad Fraud.

Mobile ad fraud is an increasingly growing threat to app marketing budgets. Hosted by Liftoff, with Adjust’s Fraud expert Andreas Naumann, this webinar invites you to go inside the mind of mobile fraudsters and learn strategies to combat them. Join this partner webinar us as we dive into the topic of mobile fraud.

You'll learn

  1. Learn the difference between click spam and click injections
  2. Understand how to identify fake app installs and post-install events
  3. Gain insights on strategies for fighting mobile ad fraud
Presented by

Dennis Mink
VP Marketing,

Andreas Naumann
Fraud Specialist,

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