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Adjust + Amplitude: The power of product and marketing data

Your app’s users come in through a wide range of channels — social, email, search, paid media - but with so many different access points across numerous devices it can often be unclear pinpointing exactly where users arrive from.

Without proper attribution, discovering which of your channels you should double down on or those you should ignore can be tricky. Furthermore, without analytics, you can’t fine-tune your messaging on those channels based on current high-value user behavior.

Combining marketing and product data allows you to create campaigns that better resonate with audiences. This results in higher-quality, more useful products. The integration between Adjust and Amplitude allows you to do just that - take advantage of product analytics and cross-channel attribution to strengthen your growth marketing efforts.

Amplitude: Identify Customer Behavioral Patterns

After importing Adjust attribution data, Amplitude can dive further into audience segmentation through product analytics, giving you an understanding of how customers engage with your product by looking at behavioral data and tracking the steps of the customer journey to a definite data point.

Product analytics helps answer business questions, such as where users convert or drop off. You can also identify behavioral patterns that predict the likelihood of subscription sign-up or group customers by their overall lifetime value. By grouping customers together into behavioral cohorts based on their actions (or lack of action), you can correlate their behavior with outcomes.

Behavioral cohorts can help you make better decisions about your product - including marketing decisions. Customer acquisition costs have never been higher, and consumers are increasingly annoyed by irrelevant ads, so providing users with messaging experiences tailored to their needs is important. You can use your behavioral cohorts to create lookalike audiences on Facebook or Google. This approach will help decrease any wasteful ad spending.

On-demand grocery service Instacart had a goal of getting more visitors to complete their first order. With Amplitude, Instacart was able to see how their users moved through key funnels like first-time user sign-up and first order placed. Instacart’s team also experimented with using cohorts to test their conversion rates which ultimately lead to a 10% increase in landing page conversions - a significant figure for a company with millions of new users each month.

How Adjust and Amplitude Work Together

In a nutshell, Adjust lets clients accurately attribute their traffic to the right source—referrals, mobile apps, organic, TV, etc. From there, they can import their attribution data into Amplitude and see how users coming from one source behave within their app or site in comparison to other groups.

For example, Adjust informs you that traffic referred via a web campaign sign-up to use your app is more frequent than any other channel. At the same time, Amplitude shows that the same group is churning after five days within your app and that most of these users aren’t using a core product feature. With this information, you know that your next marketing push should focus on that specific feature to help users see your product’s value more quickly.

With this integration, you can run A/B tests using both Adjust and Amplitude data. If Adjust indicates an underperforming channel, you can use Amplitude to set up an A/B test that targets a specific behavioral cohort, like those who miss out on using a core feature of your product within the first three days. If a group of users isn’t clicking a feature button, you can A/B test different colors, placements, or display text to see what makes an impact.

The combination of Adjust and Amplitude empowers you to understand and improve channel performance on a granular level. By knowing which channels are delivering high-value users, you can confidently reallocate your marketing spend. In tandem with Amplitude’s behavioral data, you can refine your messaging to better engage with users on specific channels.

You also have more clarity into how acquired users are performing over time. You may draw in more users only to find that they don’t make repeat purchases. With attribution and product analytics, you can zoom in on customers that are attributed to certain channels and users that end up becoming high-value customers. Equipped with this information, you can create campaigns that draw in more users from that particular channel. You can also nudge customers with messages to encourage the same actions in your product as your high-value customers.

Level Up Your Attribution and Analytics with Adjust + Amplitude

Attribution is one-half of the growth marketing picture and analytics is the other. With Adjust and Amplitude, you get the complete picture. Adjust’s integration with Amplitude makes it easier than ever to gain deeper insights from your channels and allows you to spend your marketing budget where it’ll have the most impact. See for yourself by using the Adjust integration today.

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