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Datascape recognized as Best Overall Mobile Marketing Solution in 2022 MarTech Breakthrough Awards

The Adjust team is excited and honored to announce that Datascape, our advanced analytics solution built for marketers, is the newest of our next-generation measurement solutions recognized as Best Overall Mobile Marketing Solution in the international MarTech Breakthrough Awards program. With Datascape, clients can visualize and analyze all of their app marketing data in one place for smarter, faster decision-making, representing Adjust’s commitment to next-generation solutions that align with the privacy-centric evolution of the market. As we move away from solutions that focus on individual data points we’re enabling our clients to successfully optimize granular insights from aggregated data.

Next-generation measurement and aggregated analytics

Datascape brings together data aggregation and analytics—a key missing piece in a mobile growth stack in the privacy era. We also offer industry-leading next-generation measurement solutions for iOS and SKAdNetwork via our Conversion Value Manager and are developing a robust predictive lifetime value (pLTV) solution to help clients drive sustained growth by leveraging aggregated data points.

Add to this CTV AdVision, our industry-first, all-in-one measurement solution for Connected TV, a new advertising frontier in the world of digital marketing. AdVision gives clients the tools and insights needed to transform CTV into a performance channel for both CTV to CTV and CTV to Mobile campaigns. We also provide the ‘assist’ dashboard within Datascape to demonstrate CTV’s assisting value on multi-channel campaigns with visualizations that clearly demonstrate its ability to lift performance on mobile and web.

Katie Madding

Chief Product Officer, Adjust

Check out the winners of the MarTech Breakthrough Awards here, and learn more about Datascape here.

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