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Adjust announces integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Over the past year, we’ve launched a number of new partnerships designed to strengthen your technology stack and simplify your marketing processes. Today, we’re pleased to announce the latest such partnership — this time with Salesforce Marketing Cloud (Marketing Cloud) on the Salesforce AppExchange.

The collaboration between Adjust and Marketing Cloud comprises data integrations to help marketers build a more complete view of user behavior for their BI analytics and to make more informed marketing decisions. Through this integration, mutual customers are able to fully and more seamlessly leverage Adjust's measurement solutions, while continuing to take advantage of Adjust's best-in-class anti-fraud and automation solutions.

This integration enables customers creating email campaigns on Salesforce’s Email Studio to build a user journey from an email directly to in-app. Thanks to Adjust’s deep-linking technology, this connection means that these campaigns now have the power to drive users to precise mobile touchpoints — thereby empowering marketers to increase installs, in-app engagement, revenue and the life-time value (LTV) of their users.

Lokesh Bidhan

Senior Director of Partnerships, Adjust

Benefits of the Adjust & Salesforce integration:

  • Marketing Cloud and Adjust customers can measure and analyze where users are coming from, and how they’re interacting post-install.

  • Customers can add mobile and Connected TV (CTV) data points to their user journey and measure subscription attribution with Subscription Tracking.

  • Campaign workflows can be automated to provide actionable analytics

  • Marketing budgets are protected against mobile performance ad fraud

Woodson Martin

GM, Salesforce AppExchange

The integration for email campaign and attribution management paves the way for further integrations between Adjust and Marketing Cloud. Adjust and Salesforce will continue working together to help create seamless experiences for advertisers and marketers. For more information on Adjust's unmatched integrations and how we can help grow your app business, request a demo today!

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