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Adjust iOS experts on the 4.0 milestones of SKAN 4.0

With Apple’s recent release of SKAdNetwork 4.0 (SKAN 4), marketers worldwide are rushing to get on top of and sink their teeth into the latest version of SKAN. In our recent webinar: The 4.0 milestones of SKAN 4.0, Reggie Singh, Adjust’s Director of Partnerships, interviews our SKAN and iOS experts, Katie Madding, Chief Product Officer, and Sandra Johansson, Product Manager Next Generation Measurement. Together, they unpack the new features of SKAN 4, covering postbacks, fine and coarse conversion values, source identifier, privacy threshold updates, and the new lockWindow.

Below, you can watch the recorded webinar in which we dive into everything that’s changed—from the new conversion value structure to postback windows, get the details as well as a helpful refresher of what SKAN 4 is in this webinar.

Webinar recap: The 4.0 milestones of SKAN 4.0

In the webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The major changes of SKAN 4 from conversion values to the new postbacks and lockWindow.
  • How SKAN 4 impacts marketers: Retention, timing, and how optimizing for LTV is better enabled.
  • The most valuable features of SKAN 4.
  • The steps marketers can take for swift SKAN 4 adoption.
  • Adjust’s conversion value logic with SKAN 4.
  • How Adjust clients can get set up for working with SKAN 4.

3 bonus questions (answered)

1. Will marketers’ current campaigns be affected by SKAN 4?

No, marketers’ current campaigns will not be impacted by SKAN 4. SKAN 3 will not be deprecated for some time. Every player in the industry is still adjusting to and understanding the full potential of SKAN 4. However, we recommend our clients build out their plans for 2023. Note that Adjust is working to make the data from SKAN 4 postbacks available as raw data as well as to provide user interfaces for editing coarse conversion values and lockWindows, which is already possible through the Adjust SDK. At the moment, our clients can use Conversion Hub to set up fine conversion value mapping and then utilize Datascape for reporting.

2. How can certain verticals be most successful with SKAN 4.0?

When looking at verticals’ use of SKAN 3, hyper casual gaming apps had the best qualifications to make use of this version of SKAN and will have even more signals to work with within SKAN 4. Conversely, subscription apps experienced challenges with SKAN 3 as they were limited to the measurement window of 0-24 hours. However, SKAN 4 now provides subscription apps with  greater potential to extract later-stage insights for KPIs including retention and renewals—up to 35 days post-install. We believe we’ll see more subscription apps adopting SKAN as a result of these changes.

3. What should marketers do to adapt to SKAN 4?

Marketers looking to quickly adapt to working with SKAN 4 should do the following:

  1. Figure out your source ID structure with the networks you work with to ensure you’re getting the most information possible on cohorts in the higher crowd anonymity tiers.
  2. Review the different coarse values of low, medium, and high and how you can leverage and map them most effectively and to gain the most additional insights.
  3. Assess the new postbacks and the additional signals that come with SKAN 4.
  4. Think about how to best use lockWindow to possibly get postbacks sooner for faster insights and optimization.
  5. Take advantage of Safari web-to-app attribution, which will be available soon.

Round out your knowledge with this SKAN 4 literature

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We hope this webinar provided a helpful explanation of the SKAN 4 landscape for app marketers. Adjust has the most comprehensive iOS Solutions on the market with one of the most global and responsive support teams. If you’d like to see how our platform could help your app business, request your personalized demo now!

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