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Adjust leads the market in SKAdNetwork integrations

Apple’s WWDC took place this week - marking one year since the industry-changing announcement of iOS 14 and the consequent adjustments to the IDFA.

The latest announcement included information on iOS 15, where App Privacy Reports were outlined, along with critical information on a new way of aggregating postbacks in SKAdNetwork - which will allow advertisers to receive them directly. As the information evolves we’ll continue to ensure we are aligned with all of Apple’s guidelines and we’ll let you know about any new features and product enhancements that result from it.

In preparation for and since the release of iOS 14, Adjust has been focused on protecting clients and facilitating the increased use of SKAdNetwork to ensure minimum disruption. Our philosophy is that by working together as an industry and ensuring clear communication, we can navigate these changes and maintain growth, together.

As part of this mindset, we have been actively working with partners, building relationships — and more importantly, technical integrations — to support clients making the shift to SKAdNetwork.

Working together post IDFA

There have been many different approaches proposed for how measurement should work post-IDFA. The Adjust approach has always been to work within Apple’s guidelines and together, with as many companies in the mobile industry as possible, with the goal of building a unified approach.

Our commitment to this has meant putting coordination at the heart of everything we do.

Our Integrations team is fully supporting SKAdNetwork integration, meaning that when any partners approach us wanting to integrate with our SKAdNetwork solution, we proceed with high priority, immediately starting our hands-on assistance program and making that integration our focus. This is a tactic that has been highly successful for us, our partners, and our clients.

With an industry-leading number of partner SKAdNetwork integrations — we already have 45 of which 40 are completely finalized and sending traffic — Adjust’s focus on working with partners has meant unparalleled flexibility and support for our clients’ campaigns. In addition to Google, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Snap, and AppLovin, you can find our full list of partner integrations here. We keep this list constantly updated, so do check back as we add more in the coming weeks.

Rebuilding campaigns to run with SKAdNetwork can be resource-intensive and we’ve previously recommended ensuring you concentrate your campaigns on scalable platforms, network partners, and DSPs. There’s no measurement partner that provides better access to the biggest industry players and can ensure that when your campaigns are ready to move to SKAdNetwork there’s no wasted effort.

Future-proofing our solution

Following Apple’s announcement at WWDC that advertisers will soon be able to receive SKAdNetwork data back directly, the role of MMPs in the post-IDFA world is essential, as aggregating this information and comparing it with the campaign level data from networks will be much easier at an MMP level.

Adjust’s iOS 14+ solution provides the ability to validate and deduplicate SKAdNetwork postbacks, meaning you can have clean reporting and make decisions you can trust based on your SKAdNetwork data. We’ve also built our SKAdNetwork API, which supports a number of different postback formats. This has allowed for a much better and easier integration process on our side, removing many of the hurdles to integration and streamlining the onboarding process. Our reporting is powered by our Automate dashboard, so our customers get a unified view of SKAdNetwork data and attribution data, allowing them to cut through the noise and have access to all of their information in one place.

By maintaining our focus on helping our clients to integrate with our SKAdNetwork integration, we ensure that post-IDFA disruption is kept to a minimum. We work within Apple’s guidelines and with as many partners as possible - meaning that our approach to measurement and growth is unified and success-focussed. For all the information we’ve put together about iOS 14+ so far, make sure to browse our iOS 14 Resource Center, which is the one-stop shop for everything post-IDFA.

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