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The app marketer's survival guide to navigating economic downturns Part 2: Centralized data

Despite the tumultuous economic climate and the threat of a recession, the global app market remains characteristically robust. In fact, mobile consumers spent a record-breaking $33.9 billion in Q1 2023. To maintain their market position and generate impressive results, however, app marketers must think creatively and continuously adopt innovative solutions in the ever-intensifying and diversifying space. Mobile marketers must also continue to be agile and adaptable to succeed in uncertain times.

In the first part of our blog series on app marketing during an economic downturn, we uncovered exciting opportunities for mobile marketers to grow their apps by honing in on remarketing and retention strategies. Another way to stay ahead of the curve is via data consolidation, as it unlocks the ability to gain a deeper, more holistic user understanding and make smarter decisions quickly. It enables marketers to optimize their campaigns and allocate their resources more effectively. In this second part of our blog series, we’ll explore the benefits of centralizing data and how Adjust’s all-in-one analytics suite can help you leverage data to drive growth and innovation even during the most challenging economic times.

From wasteful spending to smart strategies: How centralized data can help you

Data is the foundation of modern marketing, but many companies are still yet to capitalize on its full potential. In fact, 87% of marketers admit that they need to make the most of their data. That's why 40% of brands plan to increase their data-driven marketing budgets in the coming years. But with so much data available, it can be overwhelming to sift through it all. That's where centralizing your data (and your tech stack) comes in. By consolidating your data into one accessible location, you can reap a host of benefits, including improved data quality and more accurate decision-making. The following are other critical advantages:

  • Reduces reporting time: Centralizing data can reduce reporting time by up to 80%, freeing up marketers to allocate their time more strategically. By consolidating data into one location, teams can spend less time on manual data prep work and more time on data-driven decisions.
  • Saves marketing budget: Centralized data can save you 15-30% of your marketing budget, freeing up valuable resources. You can identify inefficiencies and overspending with a holistic view of your data.
  • Helps you plan ahead: Investing in centralized data now can form the basis of your 3-5 year marketing plan. You can create an executable, multi-year strategy by bringing your data and teams together in one place. It helps you recognize user trends, optimize marketing campaigns, improve the user experience, and ultimately drive growth.

Maximize your success with Adjust's all-in-one analytics suite

Utilizing mobile app analytics allows marketers to understand what consumers truly value and whether their marketing strategies are effective. According to a recent study, there will be a 63% increase in spending on marketing analytics within the next three years. As of September 2022, 8.9% of marketing budgets are dedicated to analytics, which is expected to rise to 14.5% within the next 36 months. Additionally, respondents of the survey claimed that they use available or requested marketing analytics on 48.9% of projects before making a decision. If you’re looking for the most efficient mobile analytics platform that gives you a view across all channels and within the app itself, then look no further. Adjust’s all-in-one suite, Datascape, has a solution for every stage of the app marketing journey.

Datascape is the ultimate tool for app marketers as it offers a comprehensive overview of key performance indicators and metrics across all data sources and on one screen. It’s a time-saving solution for reporting, visualization, and analysis. With all the data from network APIs and attributions, consented AppTrackingTransparency (ATT) installs and SKAdNetwork (SKAN) campaigns in one place, marketers can make smart decisions in real time for all channels and sources. The best part? Datascape lets marketers customize dashboards and reports to visualize user growth and cohorts, summarize extensive data sets, and analyze SKAN data. With Datascape, you can say goodbye to juggling multiple tabs and hello to efficient, strategic decision-making.

Adjust’s Pulse is another game-changing solution for marketers who want to work smarter and achieve peak marketing productivity. Pulse allows you to create highly customized alerts that notify you of changes in your data, such as campaign performance, anomalies, and ROAS, so you don't have to spend all your time monitoring your marketing data. Pulse's flexibility is unmatched, with various metrics, rule logics, delivery methods, and timings of alerts that can be tailored to meet your needs.

With Pulse, you can spot data anomalies in real-time and take fast action, follow customized KPIs, keep an eye on ad spend to optimize your budget and create and edit the same alerts across multiple campaigns and apps. Plus, you can share alerts via Slack or email to the right team members, reducing redundancy and ensuring everyone stays in the loop.

Overall, the global app market is a force to be reckoned with, even in the midst of economic turmoil. By consolidating all data into one location, app marketers can conserve resources, gain a deeper understanding of their users, and easily make smarter, data-driven decisions. And with Adjust's all-in-one analytics suite, including Datascape and Pulse, app marketers can efficiently report, visualize, and analyze data to optimize campaigns and drive growth and innovation. No matter the economic climate, the right tools and strategies can help app marketers weather any storm and emerge even stronger on the other side.

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