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Conversion Hub’s Advanced setup: Taking SKAN power-users to the next level

As part of Adjust’s SKAdNetwork (SKAN) Solution Suite, we’re happy to announce the full rollout of Conversion Hub. Complemented by dashboards in Datascape, SKAN metrics, SKAN Ad Spend, and SKAN Partners, Conversion Hub is Adjust’s all-in-one solution for smart, easy, and effective conversion value (CV) mapping. To celebrate this release, we’ve created a blog mini-series that explores its two core functionalities: Smart setup and Advanced setup. Today, we’re taking a deep dive into Advanced setup, designed to equip marketers with efficient, limitless, and complex conversion value mapping.

Advanced setup empowers experienced, SKAdNetwork (SKAN) savvy marketers to push things to the next level by creating an intricate CV setup that allows for complex conditions and granularity with no blockers. It’s currently the only solution on the market to offer bulk-mapping, the tie-in of any revenue sources to CVs, and full support of all Apple’s CV capabilities, including time interval condition mapping to each conversion value. Let’s get into how this works and how you can maximize iOS campaign performance with Conversion Hub’s Advanced setup in 2023.

Fully optimized iOS campaigns and SKAN insights

Marketers and developers already experienced and well versed with SKAN and their app’s user journeys need best-in-class functionality that enables them to extract maximum insights and drive even higher powered iOS campaigns than they already are. For example, you might already have the information on exactly which combination of events in-app signal high value users, even if they aren’t directly tied to revenue. You likely also know when you can expect those events to be triggered, knowing with certainty that if a user performs a specific chain of events between six and eight hours post-install that they will turn into a long-term, high-value user.

This level of granular insight means many advertisers have highly specific, complex conversion values in mind that they would like to set up. We have followed the evolution of SKAN, user practices, and partner insights to evolve Conversion Hub into the only tool on the market that allows for this functionality effectively and holistically. This is where Advanced setup comes in, allowing for time intervals, multiple conditions mapped to the same conversion value, the possibility to map event counts or session counts, and the option of freely mapping any possible CV configuration. Regardless of how advanced you want your conversion value setup to be, how intricate the conditions are, Advanced setup can take care of it, giving you every possible tool in the toolbox to map the most bespoke configuration possible. In 2023, there’s no reason for any limitations when it comes to your SKAN and CV setup.

It’s also worth noting that since we understand that the mapping of 63 conversion values can be a repetitive and time-consuming task, we’ve added a bulk mapping functionality to speed up the process. With this tool, you can select several conversion values and assign conditions to them in one go. For example, if the base for mapping is revenue ranges and you know minimum and maximum values, these can be assigned across all conversion values (or a subset that you define) by either selecting a linear or exponential distribution of the revenue ranges. Note that 6 bit mapping is also available if it suits your setup preferences or makes the most sense in terms of your app’s flow—whatever works best for your individual app is what you’ll get.

Advanced setup use case: Grocery delivery app Amazing Groceries

In order to demonstrate the functionality of Advanced setup and how you can leverage it for limitless, intricate conversion value mapping, let’s take a look at Adjust demo app Amazing Groceries. This app’s marketing manager is highly experienced working with SKAN, understands the full scope and potential of conversion values, and is looking to continually optimize their setup to drive user acquisition, retention, and ultimately ROI. They want to map an intricate conversion value setup so they can create and optimize to gather SKAN insights that reflect their key app metrics in relation to their iOS campaigns as precisely as possible.

Amazing Groceries’ strategy focuses on cross-platform and network tracking, user acquisition, in-app events, and campaign granularity. They have multiple vertical campaigns, including a cooking box subscription campaign, end-of-season sale, premium delivery, and pick-up feature launch. They work with multiple in-app engagement events, like search product, add-to-basket, view product, view lists, and checkout, with ‘purchase completed’ their tracked revenue event.

With Advanced setup, Amazing Groceries can leverage the following capabilities to increase SKAN expertise without compromising on or risking their current strategy:

  1. With Conversion Hub, they can easily track an event funnel at every step in the user journey, from registration through to the purchasing of a subscription in-app.
  1. They can track specific time intervals. By clicking the clock icon, Amazing Groceries can unlock information on when specific events or revenue were generated in relation to ranges of time post-install. Generally speaking, if clients only want to track events in a specific window after install, any event or revenue generated outside of that window won’t update the CV, meaning that by using this feature, they’re getting more specific data. For example, Amazing Groceries’ marketing manager already knows that if a ‘registration’ did not happen within the first 12 hours, the user is unlikely to deliver value this way later on, so along with the conditions they’ve already set for this with the low CVs, they add a 12-hour time interval.
  1. They can easily track session and event counts by picking a relevant event and then assigning count ranges that are meaningful to their app users. They assign event tracking for counts to the low CVs as it is likely that users will perform these actions at least once in the early stages of the flow, while leaving revenue tracking to the higher CVs.
  1. With bulk edits, they can map all 63 available conversion values in seconds. When tracking total revenue (in-app purchases and ad revenue), for example, Conversion Hub works out the best possible distribution, meaning they can track this revenue with maximum granularity. In the example below, we see that they’ve mapped total revenue for the high CVs (51-62), since they ultimately want to know which client belongs to which revenue bucket, in the case that any in-app purchase or ad revenue are generated by the same user.
  1. They’re able to take advantage of full support for any type of condition that can be mapped to a conversion value. For example, when grouping revenue along with events and sessions, Amazing Groceries can leverage the conditions they need for full mapping, as seen below in CV 63. In short, anything is possible.

To learn how Conversion Hub, Advanced setup, Smart setup, or another pillar in our SKAN Solution Suite can help your SKAN strategy and your iOS performance, get in touch with us today.

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