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Adjust x Glance: The cricket playbook for growth marketers

If you're a growth marketer aiming to hit a six in the competitive world of mobile apps in India, this is your chance to score big. Adjust teamed up with consumer technology company Glance to curate the essential performance analytics and growth insights around the Indian Premier League (IPL) season. The cricket playbook for growth marketers is your go-to guide for understanding and leveraging the dynamics of app engagement and monetization during the cricket’s peak moment in India.

A sneak peak at highlights from the report:

  • E-commerce app installs in India were 16% higher during the IPL compared to the 2023 daily average.
  • Streaming app sessions in India increased from 20.24 minutes on average over 2023 to 32.48 during the IPL.
  • Gaming apps saw the biggest boost in retention rates from the IPL, lifting three percentage points over the 2023 average.

Plus, get top tips throughout on how marketers can leverage this data for mobile marketing success.

Step up your IPL game with invaluable insights

Don't miss out on this opportunity to refine your strategy in India and ensure your app stands out from the competition during the cricket hot season. With actionable insights, The cricket playbook is your ticket to understanding the tactical plays for success throughout the Indian Premier League. Get your copy today and start crafting winning strategies that will elevate your app's performance to champion levels.

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