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Just released! Fintech Deep Dive: Digital currencies 2022 playbook in partnership with Apptopia

Crypto, the Metaverse, and digital assets have gained mass commercial attention and interest and an engaged user base — making them hot topics in the world of mobile marketing. New apps are appearing in the app stores every day and users are downloading at record rates. 2021 served as a watershed year for crypto apps, with a 401% increase in downloads year-on-year. Growth in 2022 is set to diversify and continue, and it’s the marketers and developers that remain agile and data-driven will come out on top of the competition.

That’s why we’ve just released Fintech Deep Dive: Digital currencies 2022 playbook, in partnership with data intelligence platform Apptopia. The playbook examines the key drivers of crypto adoption and provides granular analysis on the performance of crypto apps. It’s also packed with actionable insights on how crypto apps can attract and retain high-LTV users and become the preferred gateway to digital assets on mobile.

What you’ll get:

  • A granular breakdown of the industry trends and drivers that are shaping crypto and digital assets on mobile, including Bitcoin adoption, NFTS, gaming, meme coins, and the Metaverse.

  • Exploration of crypto app performance from 2017 until today, examining growth of sessions, installs, app store numbers, retention rates, and more.

  • Analysis of the extremely engaged crypto app user base, which outperformed its stock-trading app counterparts on retention and stickiness.

  • Insight into download growth, which increased in all regions, and by as much as 645% in the U.S. in Q4 2021.

  • Actionable insights and expert analysis on how crypto apps can grow in 2022 and stand out from the competition.

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