What is an install referrer?

Glossary Install referrer

The definition of install referrer

An Install Referrer is an Android-specific ad tracking identifier. Like Device IDs and Device Fingerprinting, an install referrer is a unique string that’s sent to the Play Store when a user clicks on an ad. If the app is installed, the referrer is sent to the attribution partner, which looks to match the source with the install (attributing the conversion).

All data from the install referrer is located within the Play Store developer console and, when installed, Google Analytics. The install referrer is also known as Google install_referrer.

Why is an install referrer important?

Install referrers attribute with 100% accuracy by the nature of how they are built. This means that (on the Play Store at least) inaccuracy and flawed datasets aren’t an issue.

Adjust and the install referrer

Adjust generates an ID for tracking purposes. It is included in the referrer used for attribution. However, we also add data to analytics as well, and you can unlock deep linking potential through Adjust’s dashboard.

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