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Glossary Reattribution Window

Reattribution Window

What is a Reattribution Window?

Following on from the term ‘reattribution’, a reattribution window is the period of time in which an inactive user can be reattributed when they re-open an app.

Why Are Reattribution Windows Important?

Reattribution and, by extension, reattribution windows become important in relation to retargeting. If a user returns to an app from a different campaign to the original install it’s important to ensure that the source is given its due.

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Reattribution Windows and Adjust

In our case, an inactive user is only defined as such after seven days of inactivity by default. The reattribution window then opens for another seven days after this, although both are configurable and can be changed depending on your needs.

You can find out much more on reattribution in our docs here and here.