App analytics and measurement: Why use Adjust instead of AppsFlyer?

Here’s why we’re the best attribution provider on the market

No limits

We give you unlimited data access, and don’t put any restrictions on lookback windows or data queries.

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Fight ad fraud

We proactively stop fraud from making its way into your dataset, so you never pay for a fake install.

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Total data freedom

Our attribution is 100% accurate, and we also offer adjustable view-through and fingerprinting attribution

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Don’t let a lack of data frustrate your marketing efforts. With AppsFlyer, you’ll find lots of hidden costs if you try to increase your calls per day, or extend the lookback window of your Pull API.


  • Charges extra for organic data reporting

  • Limits callbacks and data access depending on the package size

  • Provides a maximum of 10 free custom parameters

  • Manages your S3 bucket; receiving real-time callbacks to your BI will cost you more

We developed the first Fraud Prevention Suite on the market, and are constantly evolving and enhancing it to stop the most common methods of fraud from reaching your budgets.


  • Only sends callbacks regarding fraudulent activity to networks

  • Charges extra for protection against SDK spoofing

  • Uses blacklisting as part of its solution, so not all fraud is blocked automatically

Our powerful engineering helps you work with the best data you can get, to give you the fullest picture possible - helping you spend your marketing budget much more effectively.


  • Doesn’t track reinstall data, giving you an incomplete view of the customer lifecycle

  • Has a limit of just 60 data placeholders

  • Offers device-level cost data limited only for CPI

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Frequently asked questions

Is there a setup fee?

Nope! We’re here to help, with no hidden fees.

Is Adjust GDPR and ePrivacy compliant?

Yes. Adjust follows the strictest European privacy laws. We are fully GDPR and ePrivacy compliant.

How hard is it to switch from my attribution provider to Adjust?

It’s easy! Our dedicated support professionals have already assisted hundreds of apps with their migration to Adjust and are on hand to help you, too. This includes importing your historical data, so you won’t be starting with a blank slate.

How hard is it to get set up with a new advertising partner?

You’ll be set up to work with over a thousand advertising partners in just a few clicks. Don’t see your preferred partner? We’ll help you bring them on board.

How does your pricing work?

Adjust’s pricing is based on install volume as well as features. For more information, contact us by hitting the button below.

Why should my company switch to Adjust?

Adjust lets you do more with data. Our software is the best that German engineering has to offer, and we provide more security and flexibility than any other attribution provider. There are never any hidden costs to hold you back, only tools to help you take your marketing further.

Trusted by globally leading brands

We were working with another provider before, but their APIs didn't give us the data we needed. We were really happy when we realized that with Adjust, we would be able to track everything without limits.

Guillem Pons

Head of data science, Badi

Adjust helped us make a fast decision to move from one attribution provider to another - the dashboard is easier, and the communication is easier as well.

Lamia Shreim

Monetization & UA Manager, Tamatem

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Start measuring your marketing activities right away

Migration is easy! With hands-on integration support from the start, we’ll help you get up and running in no time. Our Sales Engineers’ primary function is to provide the smoothest possible onboarding, starting with in-depth demos and workshops.

What’s more, we’re the only provider to migrate all your historical data, so there’s no need to start from scratch.

From there, our team of helpful account managers are around with fast, friendly support for all your queries - no matter how technical.

Support in every timezone

That’s why we provide quick turnaround support, regardless of time zone, in 21 languages across 11 countries.

As thought leaders in the industry, we host regular workshops, conferences and events across the globe - in order to keep our clients informed, up to date, and educated about what’s going on in the mobile app marketing industry, and about what we’re developing to keep furthering our offer.

Interested in a personalized walkthrough?

Click below to reach out, and one of our friendly specialists will be in touch soon - ready to answer any questions you have along the way.