Go beyond mobile fraud detection with Adjust’s Fraud Prevention Suite

The Adjust Fraud Prevention Suite Explained

Fight fraud in real time

Trust your data

Keep up with the fraudsters

Ad fraud detection isn’t enough to stop any type of ad fraud

SDK Spoofing

Device Farms

Click Spamming

Click Injection

The consequences of fraud

  • Unfairly drains your UA budget

  • Hides your best performing channels

  • Ruins your data accuracy and drives bad UA decisions

  • Wastes your team’s time with chargebacks

The Adjust Fraud Prevention Suite

The Adjust Fraud Prevention Suite (FPS) provides a comprehensive set of ad fraud prevention tools that blocks mobile ad fraud. Instead of going after devices and users like most other fraud detection services, we focus on rejecting fraudulent signals that fraudsters rely on to steal advertising spend, creating robust protection against ad fraud while passing on legitimate traffic and installs.

Adjust’s FPS was the first set of fraud prevention tools in the industry. Our filters are now widely accepted and held as the gold standard for Fraud Prevention.

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How Adjust’s FPS protects against mobile ad fraud

SDK Signature

Distribution Modeling

Hyper-Engagement Filter

Click Injection Filter

Comprehensive ad fraud analytics to inform your strategy

All of our fraud analysis can be found on the Adjust dashboard, giving you a holistic analysis of fraudulent trends so that you can act accordingly. You can also get raw data of our fraud analysis fed directly into your preferred endpoint.

Clients who activated FPS eliminated 99% of fraud

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The Coalition Against Ad Fraud

CAAF is a group of industry leaders who have pledged to tackle mobile ad fraud head-on. Created by Adjust in 2017, the alliance works closely together to develop modern solutions that benefit advertisers who are affected by fraudulent traffic, with the goal of disincentivizing mobile ad fraud and creating a clean mobile ecosystem.

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Members of CAAF

The Adjust Guide to Mobile Fraud

This report will show you:

  • The types and methods of fraud which exist in mobile advertising today

  • How fraud affects your campaigns and dirties your datasets

  • Why the industry needs to come together to stop ad fraud for good

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