The Adjust Fraud Prevention Suite

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Mobile ad fraud: it affects you

Eats your UA budget

Hides your best channels

Ruins your data accuracy

Wastes your team's time


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The Fraud Prevention Suite uses three different tools to analyze every install event in the moment for signs of fraud. From server farms spamming you with thousands of clicks to shady partners charging you for your own organic users, we’ve built hardware to stop them and protect you from every phoney engagement.

Anonymous IP Filtering

The Anonymous IP Filter is powered by a dynamic list of IPs associated with data centers, TOR exit nodes, VPN services and more. Adjust examines and cross-checks the billions of incoming installs we receive every day and programmatically rejects any illegitimate activity detected, in realtime.

Prevent simulated conversions

Stops geo-manipulated installs

Distribution Modeling and the Hyper Engagement Filter

Adjust created the industry's most powerful click spam detection tools by harnessing the trillions of data points collected by over 22,000 integrated apps. We know what real traffic looks like and we check all incoming install traffic for abnormalities. Attributions for suspicious installs are automatically rejected in real time, before you pay for them.

Block click spam

Eliminate hyper-engagement

Click Validation

Click Validation is the new standard of mobile fraud prevention. With Click Validation, all clicks are matched with impression data, proving that your ad has been viewed before a click was made. This method prevents a range of ad fraud methods, including Click Spamming, Click Injection, and Spoofed Users.

Working together with our trusted partners, we’ve built a robust process to filter out fraudulent signals from real traffic at a scale unprecedented by any other fraud prevention tool on the market.

Watch our CTO, Paul H. Müller, explain how it works.

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Supporting Partners

The Coalition Against Ad Fraud

CAAF is a group of industry leaders who have pledged to tackle mobile ad fraud head-on. We are working closely together to develop modern solutions that benefit advertisers who are affected by fraudulent traffic, with the goal of disincentivizing mobile ad fraud even further.

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Members of CAAF

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An Expert’s Guide to Mobile Ad Fraud

This report will show you:

  • The types of fraud which exist in mobile advertising

  • How fraud could affect your campaigns and your datasets

  • How the industry can work together to fight off fraud

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