In-app bot fraud is taking over your business

The mobile ecosystem is suffering from unchecked automated bots that are harming apps on an immense scale. Apps of all kinds are at risk of having their entire user experience hijacked for fraudulent purposes, whether it’s a gaming app having its in-game economy ruined or an e-commerce app experiencing a huge leak of financial information.

Bot fraud is a global issue that affects apps across all industries

Bots have become sophisticated. Now, a single bot can simulate user behavior with such accuracy that they slip past traditional detection methods. Fraudsters armed with bots can ruin an app's user experience and harm retention via automated gameplay, account takeovers, credit card fraud, spam and other forms of abuse.

Unbotify separates bots from human beings

Unbotify offers the first patented machine learning solution that separates real users from bots. Our technology has a deep understanding of human behavior patterns in order to root out sophisticated bot fraud that can go undetected, all at an extremely low false-positive rate.

Sensor data collection and feature extraction

Model training

Real-time bot detection

Unbotify works with leading app developers to protect against bot-based fraud

Our solution is tailored to your app flow

We build a filter on your authentic user data obtained from specific in-app actions.

Learn how Unbotify can protect your app

We’re here to answer all of your questions about how Unbotify can protect you from bot-based fraud.

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Unbotify technology detects:

New Account Fraud

Prevent bots from setting up fake accounts on your website or app.

Fraudsters use multiple techniques to commit new account fraud, including taking over existing identities or creating fake identities in order to take advantage of promotions, apply for lines of credit, or find other ways to defraud your business - resulting in millions of dollars lost.

Login Attacks

Got a login page? You have bots checking credentials against it. Protect your online accounts and keep your users safe.

If you require users to have accounts, you’ll have bots trying to crack into them. Bot fraud leverages huge lists of stolen credentials to hack into user accounts. Once in, they can use these real accounts - along with saved credit card information - to buy products either from the account itself or through credit card skimming.


From sneakers to concerts. Massive scalping of high demand products or events can be stopped in real-time.

Scalping bots can swoop on high-demand products - from sneakers to concerts tickets - by purchasing items in seconds before legitimate users even have a chance. This forces legitimate customers to purchase these items at highly-marked up resale prices.

In-Game Cheating

Protect your gaming community and virtual currency economy from cheaters using AI and machine-learning technology.

There are in-game bots that automate gameplay to farm resources, which can wreck in-game economies and ruin the experience for legitimate gamers. As those gamers lose interest your in-app purchases, LTV, retention value, and reputation will plummet.


Unbotify’s acquisition forms a bigger part of the Adjust’s commitment to fighting fraud on a global scale. With Unbotify on board, Adjust’s ability to stamp out further forms of ad fraud has grown much stronger. As well as, improving Adjusts Fraud Prevention Suite by leveraging Unbotify’s AI and machine-learning technology at install time.

The brains behind Unbotify

The Unbotify team consists of dedicated and experienced machine learning and cybersecurity professionals based in Adjust’s R&D center in Tel Aviv. Unbotify joined the Adjust family in 2019, and our shared mission is to provide a best-in-class solution to one of the major problems of application security today – stopping malicious bots.

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The Unbotify Guide

The guide will show you:

  • What bots are, and how they work

  • The types of bot prevention and detection on the market

  • What makes Unbotify different from other, weaker solutions

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Learn how Unbotify can protect your app

We’re here to answer all of your questions about how Unbotify can protect you from bot-based fraud.