Case study: Ripio x Adjust

About Ripio

Ripio is one of the largest crypto companies in Latin America with a 10-year history in the market and a reach of more than 8 million users in several countries in the region such as Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Uruguay, and Colombia. Ripio has also introduced operations in Chile, the United States, and recently Spain.

The company provides innovative solutions to both individuals and companies using blockchain technology. Among its suite of products, Ripio offers a platform for buying, selling, and managing digital assets, a trading platform for advanced traders, an international prepaid Visa card, and the first web3 multichain wallet.

The challenge

Ripio wished to optimize its tech stack. This meant a migration to a new mobile measurement platform (MMP)–which posed both challenges and opportunities. Typically, migration must be weighed carefully for possible impact on process updates and the cost of team training, among other considerations. However, Ripio knew that a migration to Adjust would mitigate these challenges, so they made the move.

Santiago Juarros

Head of Marketing, Ripio Latin America

The solution

Adjust began the migration process with a comprehensive analysis of Ripio’s existing configuration in order to identify any pain points, prior limitations, and areas for improvement. This stage of the migration process involved extensive consultations with Ripio’s team to understand concerns from their previous MMP experience and identify goals so that we can best support the team’s unique needs

Step 1: Comprehensive consultation to analyze the client’s bespoke needs.

Armed with a deep and strategic insight into Ripio's needs, the team of Implementation Specialists at Adjust crafted a detailed migration plan. This carefully devised strategy aimed not just at enhancing features but also at harnessing Adjust's distinct advantages to the fullest. Central to this strategy was the goal of minimizing any disruption to Ripio's daily operations throughout the migration of historical data.

Step 2: Crafting a tailored migration plan.

Recognizing the potential for disruption that a sudden change in tools could cause to established workflows, Adjust opted for a phased approach. This method not only facilitated a thorough transition of past attribution data but also significantly minimized the risk of data duplication. Moreover, by allowing for a gradual adjustment, this strategy effectively reduced the learning curve, thereby enhancing Ripio’s productivity.

Step  3: Implement a phased approach for seamless migration with minimal disruption.

Agustin Saldis

Mobile Performance Specialist, Ripio

The results

Ripio was able to efficiently migrate to Adjust with:

  • Zero interruption to marketing activities.
  • No disruption of team processes or daily operations.
  • Quick onboarding of new tools.
  • Continual support from Adjust’s friendly and helpful team of experts.

Adjust's dedication to client success and support extends far beyond the migration process. We continue to maintain a close collaboration with Ripio in the post-migration phase, supporting the swift and effective adoption of mobile marketing solutions that meet their business needs. Let’s chat about how we can support a seamless migration for your app next.