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New integration! Adjust supports Meta’s App Aggregated Event Measurement (AEM)

We’re excited to announce that Adjust is now fully integrated with Meta’s Aggregated Event Measurement (AEM) protocol for iOS. This launch can better enable performance, faster reporting, and longer attribution windows for ‘App Event Optimization’ and ‘Value Optimization’ events, allowing you to make faster decisions and better understand your customers’ behaviors over a longer period of time.

From the measurement and attribution perspective, this integration unlocks the ability to measure events from app re-engagement and app promotion campaigns on Meta properties and iOS devices using iOS 14.5 and later.

Adjust recommends leveraging this integration and enabling AEM for potentially better performance and faster reporting, but maintaining your SKAdNetwork (SKAN) attribution for side-by-side reporting and analytics.

The benefits of Aggregated Event Measurement

In addition to providing attribution for iOS 14.5+ installs and events, AEM’s main features and benefits are:.

  1. “Near” real-time reporting for iOS 14.5+ campaigns for faster campaign optimization.
  2. Access to 1-day click and 7-day click reporting for campaigns that use app event optimization and value optimization.
  3. Delivery to Audience Network for campaigns that use app event optimization and value optimization.
  4. Reporting for all types of re-engagement campaigns.
  5. Eight segment “breakdowns”, allowing advertisers to see granular insights into ad performance across age, gender, age and gender, country, impression device, platform, platform and device, and placement.
  6. Use of statistical modeling where event reporting is incomplete due to partial or missing data so that a complete view is available.

Adjust & AEM

To enable Aggregated Event Measurement with Adjust you can simply toggle it on, but you first need to complete all steps outlined in our guide to setting up Meta’s properties in Adjust. Once you’re set up and have enabled AEM, Adjust will automatically send all app installs and sessions to Meta for both App Promotion and re-engagement campaign measurement. We’re already able to share campaign meta data from re-engagement campaigns and will be able to report on App Promotion in the near future.

For more information you can read the detailed documentation on our Help Center linked above. You can also get in touch with your Adjust contact person, we’ll be happy to help you make the most of this integration by getting started with AEM.

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