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PC and console: Game-changing advertising channels

Sixty percent of U.S. internet adults play PC and console games, with the percentage increasing among younger generations. Chances are, your app’s target audience is playing PC and console games. Gaming marketers and developers from mobile apps and gaming studios looking to acquire new users would do well to expand their advertising channels—particularly to PC and console platforms.

Below, we’ll delve into the growing popularity of advertising on these gaming platforms, providing the latest ad trends for gaming apps, companies launching multi-platform games, and PC and console gaming brands themselves.

Four reasons PC and console advertising is a must

PC and console advertising is rapidly becoming the latest topic among gaming marketers, particularly those keen to explore new user acquisition channels. Here are four reasons why advertising on PC and console platforms has risen to prominence.

1. The PC and console market is on the rise (again)

Unsurprisingly, the pandemic years allowed many gamers to increase gameplay and general investment in PC and console games. While the PC and console market did see a slight dip in 2022, likely due to a return to normal post-lockdown, experts anticipate that growth in the market will continue in 2023 and beyond. The global PC and console gaming market is anticipated to reach US$110 billion by 2025.

Additionally, many gaming companies delayed the releases of their big-name titles like Resident Evil 4, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, or Hogwarts Legacy, moving the release dates from 2022 to 2023. The shift in dates is promising for 2023, with this extra content fueling greater installs and purchases, likely correcting 2022’s market slowdown.

2. Multi-platform gaming is growing in popularity

In a recent survey, when asked, “If the current mobile game you are playing is developed as a PC or console game, would you download or purchase it?” a majority of respondents said they would. Here are the results by country:

  • Brazil: 85%
  • Germany: 55%
  • Indonesia: 86%
  • South Korea: 70%
  • United States: 71%

On the flip side, popular PC and console titles have also expanded to mobile gaming apps. A well-known example is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), which was initially released on PC, then on consoles, and later PUBG Mobile for mobile devices. Another well-loved game, Fortnite, offers crossplay, allowing users on different devices, like PlayStation and PC, to play against one another.

It’s important to also consider emerging gaming technologies like global cloud-streamed gaming, forecasted to earn US$3.8 billion across all platforms by the end of 2023, or virtual reality, which currently has a global user penetration rate of 1.3%. As more gaming platforms are introduced into the market and integrated with one another, we expect the gaming industry to accrue even more users.

Fornite crossplay pc and console marketing example

3. Shift to hybrid monetization opens advertising opportunities

Historically, most PC and console games have run on pay-to-play (P2P) or premium monetization models. Of those who play console games, 87% spend money on in-game items like microtransactions and cosmetics, and yet around 43% of all console gamers play free-to-play (F2P) titles in 2023. Brands are adding more F2P games to their titles and the possibility for in-game subscriptions as they adopt hybrid monetization models.

Games are likely combining two of the following monetization models:

  • Microtransactions: In-game purchases like boosters, loot boxes, and character skins
  • In-game advertising: Ads within the game, such as rewarded video ads or banner ads
  • Subscriptions: Access to a library of games and content for a monthly or annual fee

For example, Halo Infinite was the first in the Halo franchise’s history to offer an F2P multiplayer portion. Halo Infinite has daily and weekly challenges in which players can pay to continue additional gameplay or pay to progress at a faster rate. Even Microsoft is reported to be building an ad program for Xbox that allows advertisers to buy ads in free-to-play games that don’t interfere with the user’s gaming experience.

4. Younger, incoming generations are gamers

All verticals, including gaming, need to look ahead to the trends of the incoming generations to advise their marketing strategies. The good news? Gen Z and Millennials are major gamers, with 63% and 58%, respectively, stating they are frequent PC/console gamers. This is likely due to the growing reliance of younger generations on social gaming to fulfill their emotional needs as they foster digital communities.

As these generations age and many acquire greater financial stability, don’t underestimate the potential of advertising on PC and console platforms where your users spend a significant amount of their time.

The time to advertise on PC and console platforms is now

With the current state of the PC and console gaming market moving in an upward trajectory, there’s never been a better time for growth marketers to start advertising on these platforms.

Why gaming marketers should advertise on PC and console platforms:

  1. A majority of your target audience is gaming on PC and console platforms.
  2. Early adopters can win big by getting prime ad slots before saturation ensues.
  3. Cross-device measurement is here to guide your marketing budgets.

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pc console advertising measurement

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