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Navigating Ramadan 2024: Insights and strategies for app marketers

As Ramadan 2024 approaches, the global Muslim community prepares for a month of fasting, reflection, and community. This sacred period is characterized by spiritual practices, communal Iftar meals, and—increasingly—the seamless integration of mobile apps into these long-standing traditions. Mobile apps have become essential tools, providing spiritual guidance, connectivity, and streamlined daily routines during Ramadan.

This article explores key mobile app trends from Ramadan 2023, focusing on app installs, user engagement, and consumer spending. Complete with insights from, we aim to provide mobile marketers and advertisers with in-depth analyses to effectively reach and connect with their audiences during this critical period. Understanding these trends allows marketers and app developers to create strategies that align with user preferences to enhance and enrich the Ramadan experience.

Like last year’s analysis, the trends outlined below include the following:

Verticals: E-commerce, entertainment, fintech, gaming, and health & fitness.

Countries: Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

METAP region (Adjust): Comprising 22 countries—Algeria, Afghanistan, Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Malaysia, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Syria, Tunisia, Yemen, Egypt, Indonesia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and UAE.

MENAP region ( Comprising 21 countries—Algeria, Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Malaysia, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Syria, Tunisia, Yemen, Egypt, Indonesia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and UAE.

The above chart from highlights the top apps downloaded globally during Ramadan, of which entertainment and social media were the most predominant. The breakdown in MENAP (below) was similar, but with digital wallet and payment app Easypaisa making its way into the top 10.

Part 1: App installs

Overall mobile app installs grow during Ramadan

The global mobile app market experienced a subtle but notable growth pattern during Ramadan 2023. Across all verticals, there was a modest 1% upswing in installs compared to the yearly average. The growth in the METAP region was higher, at 5%. Shifting our lens to individual countries, we find some intriguing developments. The UAE emerged as a clear leader, with a 16% surge in app installs during Ramadan, surpassing the 2023 average. Indonesia followed closely, with 14% growth, followed by Pakistan with a notable 13% uptick, and Egypt with a 10% increase. also reveals that in Indonesia, the most popular apps skew according to age groups, with Gen Z (18-24) significantly more likely to download sports, video, and user-generated content related apps than their 25+ counterparts.

E-commerce apps saw mixed trends

E-commerce apps witnessed varied trends during Ramadan. On a global scale, there was a 15% slump in app installs, hinting that the charm of traditional, in-person shopping or decreased consumption during the fasting period may have swayed users away from online platforms. However, Egypt and Saudi Arabia stood out, showcasing growth rates of 17% and 7%, respectively, indicating that the digital shopping culture in these countries remained strong. Meanwhile, the UAE experienced a significant drop in e-commerce app installs—23%—the largest decline observed.

Entertainment app installs surge

During the evenings of Ramadan in 2023, there was a shift towards digital entertainment. Globally, entertainment apps grew by 7%. This trend was even more distinct in METAP, which witnessed a 9% jump. The UAE also recorded a substantial 16% increase in entertainment app installs. Not far behind were Indonesia and Pakistan, with an impressive 14% and 13% increase, respectively, highlighting the growing popularity of digital entertainment as a means of relaxation and enjoyment after a day of fasting and reflection.

Fintech app installs see significant growth

Fintech app installs grew by 14% globally during Ramadan 2023. This trend was particularly prominent in Egypt and Saudi Arabia, where installs increased by 37% and 41%, respectively, pointing to a marked shift in consumer behavior towards digital finance solutions. Yet, the real standout was the UAE. Here, fintech app installs rocketed by a massive 166%.

According to, finance app DANA was the 7th most downloaded app in Indonesia during Ramadan 2023.

Gaming app installs level up

During Ramadan, mobile gaming experienced an upward trajectory. Globally, mobile gaming installs saw a steady uptick of 2%, with an even more impressive surge of 11% within the METAP region. Indonesia witnessed a significant 20% increase. Egypt and Pakistan weren't far behind, each coming in with a 14% boost. This trend underscores sustained enthusiasm for mobile gaming as it serves as a relaxing diversion after (or during) a day of fasting and as a means of maintaining social connections with friends and family.

Health & fitness apps looking strong

Health and fitness apps experienced global growth of 68% during the holy month of Ramadan. This trend was mirrored in the METAP region, which saw an impressive 51% surge. The emphasis on health and wellness during Ramadan was particularly evident in Bangladesh and Egypt, where app installs in this category saw 100% increases. This suggests a conscious effort by individuals to balance their physical wellness with their spiritual practices during fasting. The UAE recorded a significant 66% increase in health and fitness app installs.

Part 2: User engagement

App sessions grow during Ramadan across verticals

During Ramadan in 2023, overall app sessions saw a small but noteworthy increase of 2% compared to the year’s average. This trend was slightly more prominent in METAP, where app sessions ticked up by 3%. Indonesia, known for its robust digital landscape, saw a 13% rise, while Pakistan recorded a 2% increase. However, not all regions followed this upward trend. Bangladesh and the UAE experienced a dip in app sessions by 7%, suggesting diverse digital behaviors across different countries during this significant period.

Shopping behaviors shift in e-commerce apps

During Ramadan 2023, the global e-commerce industry experienced a slight ebb in app sessions, dipping by a modest 1%. The METAP region saw a slightly sharper decline with a 4% decrease. Egypt, however, saw a dramatic 71% drop in e-commerce app sessions. This may be attributed to a Ramadan-induced shift towards traditional, in-person shopping experiences, which offer the allure of festive atmospheres and tactile product interactions. On the flip side, Indonesia bucked the trend, showcasing a resilient e-commerce sector that thrived amidst the fasting period. The country recorded a 14% increase in app sessions, hinting at the nation's unwavering commitment to online shopping, even during the holy month.

Usage of entertainment apps increase

During Ramadan, entertainment apps, usually a popular choice for leisure, saw a global sessions increase of 18%. This trend was even more pronounced in the METAP region, which witnessed impressive 26% growth. But the real stars were Indonesia and Pakistan. These countries recorded a 31% and 29% jump in sessions, respectively.

ramadan app sessions

Fintech apps see varied engagement

Fintech apps experienced some intriguing trends during Ramadan. Globally, a slight dip of 3% in fintech app sessions was observed, a trend mirrored in the METAP region. However, Egypt and the UAE emerged as outliers. Egypt, in particular, saw a striking surge of 24%, and the UAE displayed a healthy growth of 17% in sessions.

Consistent growth in engagement for mobile gaming

During Ramadan 2023, the global mobile gaming sector experienced a subtle yet significant uptick in user engagement, with a 3% rise in sessions. This trend was more prominent in the METAP region, which recorded an impressive 11% jump. The spotlight, however, belongs to Indonesia and Pakistan. Fueled by the festive spirit or the increased leisure time during the holy month, these countries saw strong growth in gaming app usage. Indonesia's gaming sessions rose by 17%, while Pakistan closely followed, marking a solid 15% increase.

Exceptional sessions increase for health & fitness apps

During Ramadan 2023, health and fitness app sessions increased globally by 52%. This increase was even more dramatic in the METAP region, with a huge 69% boost. The numbers in Egypt skyrocketed by 179%, followed by Pakistan with an impressive 108% growth rate.

Key verticals with the highest user engagement in Ramadan 2023

  • In the METAP region, the average session length for e-commerce apps during Ramadan 2023 slightly increased to 11.73 minutes, up from the 2023 average of 11.07 minutes.
  • In Indonesia, the average session length for e-commerce apps surged from 14.46 minutes to 20.66 minutes during Ramadan.
  • For entertainment apps, Bangladesh saw an average session length increase from 17.45 minutes in 2023 to 19.28 minutes.
  • Indonesia also experienced growth in entertainment session lengths, which rose from 21.64 minutes to 22.89 minutes.
  • Turkey had the highest engagement levels for entertainment apps during Ramadan, increasing from 28.87 minutes to 29.25 minutes.
  • Mobile gaming in Turkey saw an increase in average session length from 32.39 minutes in 2023 to 33.77.
ramadan app session lengths

According to, Gen Z in Turkey also embraced user-generated content across the video and forum subverticals more predominantly than the 25+ group during Ramadan. Those aged 25 and up, on the other hand, skewed toward travel and flight booking apps.

Part 3: Revenue

Global and regional revenue trends

Globally, all app verticals combined saw a 15% increase in revenue events during Ramadan compared to the 2023 average, with the METAP region slightly behind at 13%. Egypt, Indonesia, and Pakistan reported increases, but Indonesia saw the biggest boost—up 31%. reveals that during Ramadan 2023, the top three markets in the MENAP region for consumer spend were Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and the UAE, which saw growth rates of 5%, 7%, and 6%, respectively.

E-commerce app revenue varies across regions

The e-commerce landscape during Ramadan showed regional contrasts. While the global scene experienced a modest dip of 2% in revenue events, the METAP region's performance saw a sharper 6% decrease. Bangladesh, in particular, saw a dramatic 60% drop in revenue. Indonesia and Saudi Arabia on the other hand, saw substantial revenue surges. Indonesia showcased an impressive 84% boom, and Saudi Arabia grew by a solid 19%.

ramadan revenue

Entertainment app revenue increases in METAP

Entertainment apps enjoyed a global revenue event increase of 18% and METAP saw an impressive 59% surge. Saudi Arabia and UAE rode the same wave, with impressive growth of 50% and 31%, respectively.

Mobile gaming sees positive growth in revenue

Gaming apps globally saw a 13% increase in revenue events during Ramadan 2023 compared to the year’s average, with the METAP region up 15%. Indonesia's 28% and Pakistan's 16% increase suggest that gaming is a significant part of digital leisure activities during the holy month. However, Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh charted a different course, witnessing a slight dip in their gaming revenue.

Part 4: Tips for marketers

Tips for mobile marketers: Maximizing opportunities during Ramadan 2024

Ramadan presents an opportunity for mobile marketers to acquire new users and retain existing ones. By staying updated on the latest trends and user preferences, you can devise effective strategies for the upcoming Ramadan. Here are some guidelines to make the most of Ramadan 2024:

  1. Optimize your app for peak engagement times: Plan your marketing campaigns to align with peak mobile usage times, such as the evening hours after Iftar, to maximize visibility and engagement. Use data from the previous year to determine when your users are most active and adjust your ad schedule accordingly.
  2. Utilize in-app and push notifications wisely: In-app and push notifications can significantly drive engagement, but they should be used considerately during Ramadan. Timing and relevance are critical—notifications should respect the user's time, especially during prayer or Iftar.
  3. Offer special promotions and features: Consider offering Ramadan-specific promotions, discounts, or features that enhance the user's experience during the holy month. For e-commerce apps, this could include special deals for Eid gifts. Gaming and entertainment apps can introduce special events or content releases that align with Ramadan themes.
  4. Support charitable causes: Ramadan is a time of giving and charity. Align your brand with charitable causes or integrate donation features into your app to resonate with users' desire to contribute during this period.
  5. Enhance user experience for fasting users: For health and fitness apps, consider features that help fasting users, such as customized workout plans or hydration trackers. This approach can lead to increased engagement and user loyalty.
  6. Monitor and adapt to real-time data: Stay agile by tracking campaign performance in real-time and be prepared to adapt strategies based on user engagement. Use A/B testing to refine messaging and promotional offers.
  7. Prepare for post-ramadan activity: Ramadan presents an opportunity for mobile marketers to acquire new users and retain existing ones. By staying updated on the latest trends and user preferences, you can devise effective strategies for the upcoming Ramadan. Here are some guidelines to make the most of Ramadan 2024:

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