What is engagement?

Glossary What is engagement?


An app engagement is an interaction between a user and a mobile application/app. Engagement is measured by examining multiple metrics in tandem to produce a picture of how users are interacting with an app. Mobile advertisers use app engagement to assess and measure how their mobile campaigns are performing. Among other in-app figures, the number of in-app events triggered and how usage is affected by advertising campaigns are taken into consideration to measure engagement and user retention.

App engagement

How is app engagement measured?

The engagement metrics that take priority vary depending on an app business’ vertical, KPIs, and other factors. For example, dating apps are particularly dependent on likes and matches because it directly correlates with the function of that app model.

A few common app engagement metrics include:

Why is app engagement important?

Engagement is important to mobile marketers and advertisers because engaged users form the basis of a healthy mobile app business. Without driving mobile engagements, consumer lifetime value (LTV) might be lower and the positive effects associated with an engaging app (like word-of-mouth recommendations and reviews) could also be missed out on.

With an engaged user base, app businesses will find it much easier to retain users, successfully generate revenue, and scale. By understanding where an app can improve and enact changes, app developers are able to retain users for longer and benefit from their continued presence in-app.

More specifically, understanding where in the user journey engagement is high and low helps advertisers optimize campaigns. Retargeting and re-engagement campaigns, for example, can only be run successfully by advertisers who understand their audience. This means measuring and analyzing to strategically segment the audience and successfully tailor advertising to those segments.

Engagement and Adjust

Adjust offers a number of tools to assist with engaging consumers through advertising and measuring engagement in-app. Track and measure when users complete certain app events to identify when business-critical engagement takes place. These could be coins purchased in a gaming app, add-to-baskets in an e-commerce app, or logins in a banking/fintech app.

We also offer retargeting and re-attribution support to help previously engaged users return to an app. We automatically support retargeting campaigns out of the box, while universal re-attribution successfully attributes users engaged by retargeting.

Learn more about how Datascape can help you successfully measure engagement and pivot campaigns as quickly as you need.

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