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How many mobile gamers use bots to help them win? (Hint: a lot)

Ever wondered just how many mobile gamers use bots to help them win? So did we - which is why we commissioned consumer research to put some numbers on it all. The survey of 500 U.S. mobile gamers showed that more than 40% of respondents have paid for bots, spending an average of $65.

With apps encompassing 81% of time spent on digital gaming around the globe already, it promises to be an important year of growth for mobile gaming. But this growth has seen a corresponding rise in in-app bot fraud. Cheaters use bots -- machines that perform repetitive tasks in an app or website -- to automate gameplay, giving them an unfair advantage over real players.

Keeping bots away from gameplay is an ever-evolving challenge, and one we’re helping to solve with our Unbotify product. Unbotify is a tailored solution that uses sensor data directly from smartphones to build machine learning models based on real users' behavior. By learning how an app is used when real people play, the solution can distinguish between humans and bots, and tell whether a game has been hijacked by fraudsters.

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