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Out today! Adjust x Liftoff: Japan mobile app trends 2022

Mobile usage patterns in Japan are continuing to evolve as the impacts and ripple effects of the COVID-19 pandemic drive sustained adoption. In line with the global market, consumers in Japan turned to apps for essential purchases, organizing their finances, completing daily tasks, and for entertainment. As the pandemic largely winds down however, this high level of mobile app usage remains consistent. To take a closer look at the trends and patterns emerging and developing in Japan, we teamed up with mobile app optimization marketing platform Liftoff to create Japan mobile app trends 2022: Essential app performance benchmarks and insights.

We examine key verticals in Japan, including gaming, fintech, e-commerce, dating, and connected TV (CTV) to provide mobile marketers with actionable insights for this high-growth market.

Key findings include:

  • App sessions in Japan have grown impressively over the last two years. 2020 charted year-on-year (YoY) growth of 23% and H1 2022 was up another 12% YoY.
  • Between 2020 and 2021, total gaming sessions rose by 52%, with hyper casual making up for the most installs but RPGs and action titles accounting for the majority of sessions.
  • E-commerce sessions jumped 20% YoY in 2021 and sustained this growth in H1 2022, with marketplace apps dominating.
  • Fintech retention rates in Japan are lower than the global median but higher than the APAC median.
  • iOS dating app users cost slightly less per install than their Android counterparts, but the latter convert more easily.
  • Japan is rapidly growing as a market for CTV, with 21% of the population currently using CTVs—a number forecast to rise over the coming years.

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