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Out now! Mobile app trends spotlight edition: LATAM

Latin America, or the LATAM region, is one of the hottest spots for mobile growth currently. With surging adoption rates, a huge rise in neo banking, and skyrocketing demand for m-commerce, it’s solidified its position as an essential market for mobile developers and advertisers—local and international.

To celebrate the launch of our brand new series, the Mobile app trends spotlight edition, we decided to kick things off with a look at the exciting LATAM space. Designed to provide marketers with quick, essential, and actionable data insights, the spotlight series uncovers the most important benchmarks and trends you need to scale your UA efforts and drive growth.

Discover LATAM's top performing markets:

  • Brazil has the highest App Tracking Transparency (ATT) opt-in rate in the LATAM region at 41%.
  • Chile has seen the biggest increase in installs for gaming apps so far this year, up 35% compared to the previous period. The largest increase in gaming sessions goes to Argentina, with a 10% jump.
  • Fintech app session lengths have grown year-over-year since 2021 in all LATAM markets.
  • Mexico is growing the fastest for volume of both installs and sessions in 2023.

For more of the data you need, download the full LATAM Mobile app trends spotlight report.

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