Blog Adjust at MAU 2023: Get the inside scoop...

Adjust at MAU 2023: Get the inside scoop!

Last week, Adjust returned in full force as a title sponsor of MAU Vegas 2023. From poolside soirees to main stage presentations, Adjust had its biggest year yet at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Providing app marketers with strategies, having meaningful conversations, and connecting to others in the industry, our team could be found everywhere at MAU.

Below, we provide a recap for those who couldn’t make it as well as for those who’d like to reminisce. Additionally, if you were at MAU and talked to one of our experts, we provide a reminder on why Adjust is the mobile measurement and analytics suite for you.

Key takeaways from Adjust on the MAU Main Stage

Adjust’s Chief Product Officer, Katie Madding, gave a powerful presentation on the MAU Main Stage, titled “Next-generation measurement & the modern growth marketer: Strategies to drive success in 2023 and beyond”. She was joined by Winnie Wen, Jam City’s VP of User Acquisition.

1. Push for your business’ best with testing

As the needs of the mobile app industry become more complex, not all measurement solutions will immediately work for your app business. Don’t suffer from analysis paralysis and get discouraged if your initial results aren’t what you expected. Work with your mobile measurement partner to fine-tune solutions to your needs. Then, continue to test! Never be satisfied with the status quo. Instead, continue to collect and analyze data, and test and explore to see the maximum potential for your app.

MAU 2023 Main Stage Keynote presentation with Katie Madding

2. Build where you can succeed

Given the continued data privacy changes and developments, the current reality is different and more difficult to navigate than before. The best path forward for marketers is to accept and embrace the new reality and focus on the methods for success that can be implemented today. Katie and Winnie recommended the following tips:

Look into new channels

To stand out from your competitors, consider pursuing underutilized channels. The top recommendation from Adjust is to run campaigns on connected TV (CTV). To learn more, read How to create a market-leading mobile app OTT campaign on CTV. Other suggestions include influencer marketing and partnerships.

Adopt SKAN 4 and start testing

Many app marketers are waiting for others to test out SKAdNetwork (SKAN) 4 and provide them with best practices. However, SKAN 4 is not as murky a topic as many marketers fear, and those who decide to be early adopters can get a jump start on their competitors. In fact, Adjust has a SKAN-4 ready SDK that allows marketers to discover more signals from their iOS user base. We also recommend marketers read this article: How to fully leverage SKAN 4’s coarse values, measurement windows, postbacks, and lockWindow.

Understand the true cost of data and partnerships

At Adjust, we’ve seen many of our clients come to us after having attempted to build and maintain their own business intelligence tools. In doing so, they are often significantly underestimating the cost and effort needed to maintain data collected from partners. For example, see how Random Logic Games was able to quickly recreate the same report it had spent so long creating internally with Adjust. By doing so, the mobile gaming company reduced measurement operational costs by a stunning 40%.

We know resources may have shrunk for marketers this year, and want to make sure they are working smarter, not harder. In her recent blog How to stay on top of your app campaigns in 2023, Katie Madding offers excellent tips and tricks marketers can use to succeed today.

3. Embrace next-generation measurement solutions

With new frameworks coming in—from Apple’s SKAN to Google’s impending Privacy Sandbox on Android—it’s imperative marketers secure partnerships with measurement partners that understand and build future-oriented solutions focused on these frameworks. Adjust is ever-evolving to meet marketers’ campaign optimization and measurement needs in light of these industry changes, spearheaded by the continually developing privacy space. For example, Adjust is an industry leader when it comes to iOS Solutions and an early tester of Privacy Sandbox on Android. As we embrace an aggregated data-centric future, we’re ensuring our clients continue to have everything they need to succeed.  We help marketers to accurately measure attribution, incrementality, make predictions, and practice media mix modeling (MMM).

Did you know?
With Adjust’s incrementality models, you can see whether you found lift or organic cannibalization within one week of your campaign launch. Adjust provides the ability to compare lift against everything from installs to a target variable like in-app purchases.

Psst—Don’t fall behind this year! Maximize your marketing insights with Adjust’s measurement and analytics suite built for growth marketers. Request your demo now!

Highlights from Adjust at MAU

The team at Adjust enjoyed connecting with all of the MAU participants. We had a blast relaxing at the pool cabanas, discussing strategies for mobile marketers, and connecting with clients. Below are just a few of the events Adjust was involved in.

MAU 2023 Vegas sky view

Adjust After Hours

Adjust kicked-off MAU in true Vegas style with its invite-only party, Adjust After Hours. Guests enjoyed the expansive views of the famous Las Vegas Strip with delicious drinks and bites to celebrate the start of one of our favorite events of the year!

Mobile Splash

The Adjust team dove in on the fun at Mobile Splash, a poolside soiree held at the MGM Grand pool complex. This invite-only event was co-hosted by AppLovin and Iterable. Pairing signature cocktails and tasty hors d'oeuvres, attendees networked in the gorgeous Las Vegas sunset.

Mobile splash pool party with Adjust and AppLovin

CTV Unplugged

In partnership with Adjust, CTV Unplugged, was an event hosted by AppLovin in the Skyloft of the MGM Grand. Attendees from the CTV industry, including Adjust clients, streaming services, and intermediaries mingled in a relaxed atmosphere amidst chic sky views.

MAU 2023 proved again to be an incredible networking event in which Adjust was able to connect with our industry, catch up with old friends, and make new ones. If you attended MAU, thanks for coming, and if you’d like to continue to learn more about how Adjust can accelerate your app marketing, request your demo here.

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