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How to stay on top of your app campaigns in 2023

From user acquisition (UA) and retargeting strategies to user engagement and loyalty campaigns, app marketers’ and developers’ daily obligations are growing. Add to the mix an economic downturn, smaller teams, and greater responsibility, and you’ll observe many marketers feel stretched in their ability to stay on top of their app campaigns. The good news is that there are several tools and best practices to streamline campaign management. Below we’ll review them, provide examples, and offer advice on how app marketers can find success.

6 handy tips for today’s app marketers

Mobile app marketers have more to do than ever before. That’s why we’ve collected these six tips below to help them supercharge their marketing lives by working smarter, not harder.

1. Consider smart alerts to monitor campaigns

Rather than spending an hour or more a day scanning your campaign data, automate this process by setting up smart alerts to track your top KPIs and metrics. In addition to saving time, you’re likely saving your team and budgets from human errors. Taking a more automated approach can free up needed space for strategizing.

Adjust recently launched the smart alerts solution Pulse, empowering marketers to set highly customizable alerts and monitor multiple apps to stay on top of their campaigns—including ad fraud. As time is of the essence, Pulse has a built-in preview chart, allowing marketers to use their historical data to check if an alert’s logic makes sense before creating the alert.

For maximum productivity, our Pulse alerts meet you where it matters—slack or email! Our notifications are quick, concise, and delivery can be tailored to any group or team member. For more information, check out Presenting Pulse: Smart alerts for more effective mobile marketing.

2. Revamp your app store keywords

App store optimization (ASO) is not a one-time thing performed before launch. Rather, it’s a continual process that can drive results when done correctly. The realms of ASO often encompass more than marketers think and are worth reviewing.

For ASO, have you:

  • Optimized for seasonality?
  • Localized your app store listing by region?
  • Aligned your organic and paid UA strategies?
  • Analyzed to understand what’s working and what needs to change?

Tap into The mobile app marketer’s definitive guide to app store optimization for a deep dive into ASO. Remember, the time needed to revamp your ASO strategy is minimal, but the potential impact is great, so don’t miss out on this UA tactic.

Get the app store optimization guide bannner

3. Don’t tackle iOS measurement alone

In 2023, it’s essential to work with a mobile measurement partner that can set you up for success with SKAdNetwork. iOS 14.5+ doesn’t need to be a topic that drains your time and mental energy trying to ascertain how best to run and measure your iOS campaigns.

Adjust’s Conversion Hub acts as our clients' in-house SKAN expert as part of our powerful SKAN Solution Suite for their iOS campaigns. In addition to a highly customizable Advanced setup for conversion values, we also offer a Smart setup as an effortless, vertical-focused conversion value mapping tool for busy marketers.

For a helpful explanation, check out our video below on Adjust’s Conversion Hub.

4. Don’t forget about cross-promotion

Cross-promotion, while not new, should be included in your 2023 app marketing strategy. Running co-branded campaigns or letting another app advertise within your app while you advertise in theirs is an excellent way to maximize your reach and garner new installs from your partner’s audience. Consider which partners you can work with for an ad exchange, case study, webinar, or resource, such as a whitepaper or ebook. Conceivably, you can accrue double the leads for half of the effort!

For instance, Adjust, with our client Wordscapes, and our parent company AppLovin held a webinar with our partner, tvScientific, a leading CTV advertising platform. The webinar, A case study for CTV, allowed all brands to showcase their expertise on the topic and gain audience exposure to each other’s audiences.

A case study for CTA with link to the webinar

5. Centralize your marketing data

To remain agile, avoid scanning multiple sheets and jumping from data source to data source to analyze your marketing data. Doing so often leads to distraction and errors. Instead, unify your marketing information and review your campaign performance in a centralized location to stay on top of your KPIs and budgets.

For example, Adjust’s Datascape allows marketers to compare the results of all their marketing data across apps, customized metrics, and time periods in a single view. Marketers can also filter through and visualize an unlimited number of data sources for fast decision-making.

6. Stay informed

To ensure your app’s campaigns are timely and effective, you need to stay on top of events in the industry. With 2023 already full of changes in the tech industry, it’s better to be ahead of events and be proactive rather than reactive. So, subscribe to a few relevant newsletters. You can then create filters in your email based on the topics you wish to monitor so you don’t have to read through unrelated email updates.

Newsletter suggestions for app marketers:

  • Axios: Get daily world events with the option to get news by location and industry, making it great to monitor events related to your app’s vertical.
  • Apptopia: Every Friday, receive data-driven insights on trends in the mobile app economy.
  • Adjust: Sign up on the left of the screen for the Marketer’s Monthly filled with powerful resources. Get the latest Adjust guides, data blogs, and events for app marketers.

Adjust was built for fast-paced app marketing

For over 11 years, Adjust has evolved to meet the ever-changing needs of app marketers worldwide. Last year, in addition to our analytics solution Datascape, we launched the award-winning CTV AdVision, which marketers can use to prove the ROI of their CTV campaigns and see how their CTV campaigns impact other channels. Then in the first quarter of 2023, we introduced Pulse, our smart alerts solution based on client feedback. In short, we promise to continue to go beyond meeting your needs by exceeding your expectations with next-generation solutions.

So, for marketers desiring to level up their app marketing strategy with smarter, faster decision-making, look to Adjust. Our robust end-to-end measurement and analytics suite is built to provide full visibility into the user journey while streamlining the typical time-consuming marketing tasks. If you’re ready to explore how Adjust can help accelerate your app growth and alleviate your manual tasks, get your demo now.

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