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Our top 5 mobile app marketing predictions for 2023

As mobile app marketers look ahead to the year to come, our experts at Adjust offer five insightful predictions for 2023. With changes brought about by the recent launch of SKAN 4.0 and more data privacy developments likely coming soon with Google’s Privacy Sandbox, we predict marketers will need centralized data more than ever and return to a media mix modeling approach to advertising.

Our experts also touch on strategies for Connected TV (CTV), big brands becoming ad networks, and the increasing importance for marketers to prove ROI on their ad spend. Additionally, we’ve included tips for app marketers and developers on how they can already start leveraging these future trends for successful app marketing.

#1) Maximizing marketing efficiency via centralized data will be a must

Simon “Bobby” Dussart, Chief Executive Officer, Adjust, as reported in CXOtoday’s article Money will follow measurement in 2023.

“At a time when marketers are pressured to be more strategic with their marketing budgets to maximize performance, accurate and rapid decision-making on where and how to most effectively and efficiently allocate ad spend can be the difference between failure and success. A unified, centralized approach to data analysis and reporting will likely be high up on leaders' agendas in 2023.

The benefits are twofold. First, having data from all channels and sources readily available in one place increases productivity and efficiency. And second, it's a great way to reduce a company's expenses over the long-term via economies of scale.“

Tip: Utilize Adjust’s analytics solution Datascape to view, analyze, and act on all of your marketing data in one place.

#2) Major brands will build their own ad networks

Katie Madding, Chief Product Officer, Adjust, as told to CXOtoday for its Money will follow measurement in 2023 article.

“Big brands, such as Spotify, Walmart, and Uber, are now recognizing the value of monetizing their first-party data. 2023 will see larger enterprises develop their own ad networks. While aggregated data is the land of the future, marketers and advertisers will continue to make use of their highest-quality users to measure and monetize.

In the past, social media giants were the primary providers of advertising due to their vast global user base, but new brands that now command a high level of users are entering the arena. They recognize the huge business opportunity of selling advertisements and are moving to create their own advertising networks. Brands with expansive user pools combined with good opt-in rates will likely succeed, leveling the playing field for what was once a social media-dominated game.”

Tip: Regardless of your business size, learn why getting the opt-in from your users should be a priority.

#3) CTV strategies will focus on targeting niche audiences

Gijsbert Pols, Ph.D., Director of Connected TV & New Channels, Adjust, as told to Streaming Media in their article Roundup: Streaming Industry Predictions for 2023.

“White-label streaming technology is growing in availability and ease of use. Together with the increasing popularity of advertising-based video on-demand (AVOD) and free ad-supported streaming television (FAST), there will be a boom in niche streaming services for very specific audiences. Consequently, marketers will run tailored ads with incredible targeting precision, leading to major ROI growth through conversion.

While these niche streaming services do not have the reach of linear TV and mainstream subscription video on demand (SVOD), they offer highly nuanced targeting options based on demographics and behavioral patterns. Thus, advertisers can develop tailored campaigns that capture consumers' attention across the entire funnel and drive them to conversion. With measurability across the board, marketers are in a better position than ever to leverage the power of CTV and the growth of effective advertising in this space.”

Tip: Make CTV a performance channel for your app marketing this year with CTV AdVision and tap into more targeted mobile advertising opportunities.

#4) Forecasting via media mix modeling will return

Reggie Singh, Director of Partnerships, Adjust

“This year we’re going to see companies focus much more on forecasting and strategic budget planning than ever before. Today’s marketers have been so focused on historical numbers, such as user acquisition, ad spend, and ROAS, and less focus has been placed on strategy and planning ahead.

Coming out of the variability of the pandemic years, coupled with recent economic uncertainty, we will see the comeback of forecasting through media mix modeling (MMM) as a way to determine the impact of marketing tactics on a business objective, alongside data-driven attribution. MMM is a great way to measure the impact of non-traditional media channels, such as connected TV, podcasts, and digital out-of-home.”

Tip: Start measuring the assisting power of CTV for your mobile marketing campaigns to discover the number of installs and engagements CTV drives.

#5) Proving ROI on marketing campaigns will be paramount

Simon “Bobby” Dussart, Chief Executive Officer, Adjust, as told to CXOtoday for its article Money will follow measurement in 2023.

“Money follows measurement. The economic and industry challenges of late will make the measurement of marketing campaigns and the ability to prove ROI business-critical in the new year.

eMarketer predicts that mobile advertising will comprise 76% of global digital ad spend by 2024. Therefore, the potential to reach new users is at an all-time high for mobile marketers. The reason we saw such a big shift to digital in the past decade was because of its measurement abilities, and we predict we’ll see the same shift to mobile.”

Tip: View your monetary metrics and attribution data in one platform like Adjust to take control of your ROI measurement.

Want more tips for increasing your app marketing results? Check out Part 2 of our guide: Scaling your app to 1 million users for insights on user retention, localization, and influencer marketing. Additionally, if you’d like to see how Adjust can help grow your app business, schedule your demo now, and let’s talk!

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