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The quick guide to advertising on Reddit for mobile marketers

Advertising on Reddit can be advantageous to your app marketing when done well. By the end of 2023, the social news website and forum’s advertising revenues are predicted to surpass US$520 million, likely because advertisers are discovering the value of connecting users’ needs to specific topics on the platform. If you’re new to Reddit app advertising, then read on to learn the benefits of advertising on the platform, Reddit ad specs, Reddit ad types, and more.

Why advertise on Reddit?

Reddit isn’t usually the first social platform that comes to mind when app marketers think about their user acquisition (UA) channels. However, the platform offers the following benefits:

High user intention

Users are 22% more likely to intentionally seek content on Reddit rather than passively scrolling as they do on other social platforms. Because users are most often searching for specific information, they’re engagement with the platform, and in turn, your ads, can be quite high.

Ad recall

Relatedly, 16% of users say they were encouraged to research a brand after seeing a Reddit ad. As users are going to Reddit to actively seek advice, they are more likely to pay attention to the ads on the platform, making it a great place for brand awareness.

Niche targeting

The nature of the different communities existing on Reddit allows for niche targeting. For instance, for Reddit ad games, the company recently reported that it had a 74% unduplicated reach of Reddit users who play games on laptop, desktop, or consoles.

Advertisers on Reddit can target users by interest groups, subreddits, keywords in conversation as well as custom audiences created from their own databases.

Reddit ad types

There are several Reddit ad types that app marketers can use. Note that all ads are marked with the word “Promoted” so users can distinguish user comments from advertisements.

Conversation placements

Unique to Reddit, conversation placements appear above the comment section of a Reddit thread. Reddit recommends advertisers combine conversation placements and Reddit promoted posts within the same campaign to naturally reach more users by appearing in the comment threads.

Reddit ad example: Conversation placement ad

Text ads

Reddit text ads are simply ads baked into the comment thread.

Image ads

On Reddit, image ads are a combination of text with a static image.

Carousel ads

Like any other social platform, carousel ads on Reddit pair text with multiple images—up to 6 images or GIFs— that users can click or swipe through.

Video ads

Videos are the most upvoted external links and account for over half of Reddit’s inventory. Therefore, this is one of the most popular types of Reddit ads for marketers to use, adding a line or two of text with a video. Below, you can see an example from Reddit ad games, which features a trailer of the cross-device game Planet of Lana.

Reddit ad games trailer example

Product ads

Reddit reports that users are 27% more likely to buy a product advertised on Reddit than any other social media platform. Introduced this year, Reddit product ads allows advertisers to promote their entire product feed, featuring images, product names and specific pricing for targeted focus products.

Reddit ad specs

Ensure your ad assets are properly formatted before submitting them to Reddit by reviewing these Reddit ad specs.

Reddit image ad specs

Aspect ratio: 1:1; 4:5; 4:3; 16:9

Resolutions: 1080 x 1080; 1080 x 1350; 1440 x 1080; 1920 x 1080

File formats: JPG, PNG, GIF (GIFs will be converted into an image)

File size: 3 MB max

Thumbnail display: 400 x 300 pixels

Thumbnail file size: 500 KB max

Headline: 300 characters

Reddit carousel ad specs

Image number: Between 2-6 images

Resolution: 1200 x 1200 pixel

Headline: 300 characters max; truncated at 90-100 characters

Aspect ratio: 1:1; 16:9

File formats: JPG, PNG, GIF

File size: 20 MB max each; 3MB for GIFs, 3-10 seconds in length

Thumbnail display: 400 x 300 pixels

Thumbnail file size: 500 KB max

Reddit video ad specs

Aspect ratio: 1:1; 4:5; 4:3; or 16:9

Frame rate: Up to 30 frames per second (FPS)

File formats: MP4; MOV

Minimum resolution: 1080 x 1080

File size: 1 GB max

Thumbnail display: 400 x 300 pixels

Thumbnail file size: 500 KB max

Length: Can be up to 15 minutes, but recommended 0:05 - 0:30 seconds

Associated text: 300 characters max

Reddit reports that video ads perform best in a 4:5 ratio.

Reddit text ad specs

Headline: 300 characters max

Post copy: 40,000 characters max

Conversation placement ad specs

Headline: Truncated at 100 characters for mobile and 250 characters for desktop

Thumbnail display: 400x300 pixels (but you can run multiple aspect ratios on carousel ads)

How much do Reddit ads cost?

Currently, the cost of Reddit ads begins at US$5. Marketers can decide to purchase ads based on the cost per mille (CPM) model, or every 1,000 impressions an ad receives. Reddit’s auction-style system places each bid at US$0.20. However, depending on the competition for a select audience, the bidding stakes can increase sharply.

Note that US$30,000 is the minimum advertisement placement rate on Reddit.

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