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Your next partner is waiting for you in the Adjust Partner Marketplace

At Adjust, everything we do is to further strengthen our clients’ mobile app growth journeys. In this vein, we’ve launched our new Partner Marketplace—a platform that displays Adjust’s extensive partner ecosystem to our client base. We encourage our clients and partners alike to explore our curated marketplace to find their next business partner.

What is the Partner Marketplace?

As we’ve said before, Your MMP’s CTV solution is only as strong as its partner coverage, but we believe this applies to all the partners that make up your tech stack. Our interactive Partner Marketplace showcases listings of Adjust-certified technology and solution partners for clients to take advantage of to maximize their growth.

There are two ways clients can utilize the Partner Marketplace:

  1. Browse to find your next partner

Clients can browse through these listings, filter by the relevant partner type, reading about each partner and its offerings to connect directly with the partner they’re interested in working with.

  1. Or let Adjust pair you with the right partner

Alternatively, clients can leverage our Matchmaking Tool by simply filling out a form letting our Partnerships Team know what you need. The benefit of this option is that one of our experts will assign your request to a partner that best suits your business needs.

Already convinced? Let Adjust match you to the partner best for you by filling out our Matchmaking form for technology partners and solutions partners.

How do our clients benefit?

In a nutshell, the Adjust Partner Marketplace provides clients:

  • A centralized database of premium partners to connect with directly
  • Insightful overviews of each partner for quick comparisons
  • Easy pairing to the right partner with our Matchmaking Tool
  • Security knowing each partner is pre-approved by Adjust

Sample potential partners from our Partner Marketplace

Adjust’s Partner Marketplace is robust and has many different innovative partners offering a variety of solutions to our clients. For an idea of the types of partners you can connect with there, we’ve listed a solutions partner and a technology partner.

Mobile-first digital marketing agency: Moburst

Recognized by App Promotion Summit as “App Leader of the Year,” Moburst is one of the world’s most sought-after full-service mobile and digital agencies. It specializes in driving hypergrowth and helping brands become category leaders.

Moburst supports clients at every stage of the app marketing journey, beginning with strategic planning and continuing through the implementation and effective use of Adjust's real-time mobile attribution data. By adeptly leveraging Adjust's invaluable insights, Moburst propels sustainable growth and empowers clients to realize their apps' full potential. Reach out to Moburst here.

Customer engagement platform: Braze

Featured as a leader in The Forrester Wave™: Cross-Channel Marketing Hubs, Q1 2023 report, Braze is a pioneering cross-channel marketing hub solution. The platform works to help marketers instantly deliver the best message to the right customer on any channel.

In a “no-developer-required” partnership with Adjust, Braze and Adjust can easily and securely share data between the two platforms. Marketers will be able to identify their most valuable users to engage and delight them and ultimately increase ROI. If you’d like to contact Braze to learn more, simply fill out this form.

An Adjust matchmaking success story

Magic Tavern, utilized Adjust’s Partner Marketplace to connect with Smadex, a demand-side platform (DSP) for optimal CTV campaigns. Smadex’s programmatic solution allows third-party pixel tracking, which enabled attribution with Adjust’s CTV mobile measurement solution CTV AdVision.

Using this partnership, Magic Tavern was able to optimize its CTV campaigns to acquire a greater number of high-value users, defined as those with higher engagement and monetization.

By partnering with Smadex and Adjust, Magic Tavern:

  • Decreased eCPI by over 65%
  • Increased D0 ROAS by 4x
  • More than doubled D7 ROAS

To read the full details on this perfect partner pairing, check out the Case Study: Magic Tavern x Smadex.

Ready to find your next partner? Go check out the Adjust Partner Marketplace right now. If you’re not yet an Adjust client, but like our partners and are curious to see how our powerful mobile app analytics platform can help you grow your business, schedule your demo.

Additionally, if you’re an Adjust partner but have not yet completed your profile for our Partner Marketplace, please reach out to

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