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Your MMP’s CTV solution is only as strong as its partner coverage

Connected TV (CTV) ad spend in the U.S. is forecast to reach US19 billion by the end of 2022, up 33% from the previous year. And yet, many mobile app marketers still consider CTV an elusive, difficult-to-measure advertising channel. However, as the leading mobile analytics platform in the CTV space, Adjust provides accurate attribution data for CTV ads and makes this channel measurable and accessible to app marketers of all verticals and budgets.

In addition to launching the first comprehensive CTV solution, CTV AdVision, Adjust has quickly amassed a robust network of integrated CTV partners to ensure our clients have access to the top channels they wish to pursue. At Adjust, we believe app marketers shouldn’t be limited in CTV campaigns, which is why we strive to be the MMP with the most comprehensive CTV partnerships available.

Gain complete clarity with CTV AdVision

CTV attribution does not have to be mysterious. We built CTV AdVision so that marketers can determine the exact impact of their CTV campaigns and prove ROI.


With our solution, you can track the performance of your CTV ad campaigns to see which are driving CTV app installs. Our CTV Dashboard provides insightful visualizations of your CTV performance so you can make smart decisions at a glance.

CTV to mobile

Measure with precision how your CTV ads lead to mobile app installs and post-install events. Understanding whether or not a user installs your mobile app after viewing a CTV ad enables you, as an app marketer, to effectively leverage the second-screen experience to maximize your campaign reach. Additionally, with Adjust’s Assists Dashboard, you’ll unlock a comprehensive analysis of how CTV campaigns impact your regular user acquisition campaigns on channels such as Facebook, TikTok, and Google Ads on the mobile device.

Tap into Adjust’s CTV partners

For the past few years, Adjust has invested in next-generation CTV technology. We know CTV is here to stay and will continue to rise in importance as a marketing channel. As early leaders in the CTV space, we’ve rapidly forged partnerships with many CTV players—from DSPs to agencies to CTV apps. We want to provide our clients with a full range of options regarding Connected TV.

Shlomi Laufer

Team Lead, Plarium

CTV platform partners

Adjust’s SDK and S2S solutions offer deterministic attribution capabilities to measure connected TV app installs from campaigns run on connected TV devices. To learn more check out our Help Center documentation. Adjust partners with Roku Endemic Media, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Samsung TV, Vizio, and Apple TV.

Adjust CTV platform partners

CTV streaming services

Clients looking to promote their mobile apps via CTV ads can choose to buy the CTV inventory directly from ad-driven streaming services, which technically function as CTV apps. This ensures that clients can stay close to the content that suits their brands and campaign purposes. The CTV apps listed here are integrated directly with Adjust’s CTV AdVision: ABEMA (Japan), Rakuten TV (Europe), Samsung (US and Canada), Unicorn (Japan), Tubi TV (US), NBCU/ Peacock (US), Paramount+ (US). We’re thrilled to announce that the last three on the list above are the latest additions to our CTV partnership network.

CTV apps partnering with Adjust

Demand-side platforms

In the CTV space, we’ve seen a number of demand-side platforms (DSPs) shine. The Adjust platform allows marketers to run campaigns across a variety of platforms with a unique targeting ability. The DSPs listed are Adjust-certified CTV integrated partners by which many mobile app marketers have run successful campaigns over the past year and a half: Roku OneView,tvScientific, Vibe, Smadex, MNTN, The Trade Desk, Xandr, Moloco, and Viant | Adelphic DSP.

We work hard to ensure our CTV network is ever-evolving. Discover the latest additions to our rapidly expanding integrated partners list: Tatari, Madhive, TVEkstra, AJA, Edge 226, Mediasmart, Platform 161, and Digital Remedy.

Adjust demand-side platform partners


For those desiring to outsource their CTV efforts, we recommend the following integrated agencies. If you partner with one of the agencies listed here, Adjust can provide comprehensive measurement for all your CTV marketing efforts: Bliss Point Media, Media Design Group, Tremor Video.

Adjust agency partners

We’re always scaling so you can too

We’re proud to be at the forefront of CTV attribution measurement, and this is only the beginning. We will continue to add to our diverse set of CTV integrations to provide the flexibility marketers need to explore CTV on the channels of their choice. Reach out to me at to learn more. We’ll help you get started running and attributing your first CTV campaign.

If CTV is a marketing channel you’re still unsure of, we suggest you check out this session, CTV’s evolution brings new possibilities for app marketers, given by Adjust’s Director of Connected TV & New Channels, Gijsbert Pols. Gijsbert reviews the state of the CTV ad market, how it functions as a performance channel, and how marketers can successfully measure their CTV ads to grow conversions.

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