What is cost aggregation?

Glossary What is cost aggregation?

The definition of cost aggregation

Cost aggregation is the process of combining your individual cost estimates to get one all-encompassing figure that represents your spend for a project.

Benefits of cost aggregation

When done correctly, amalgamating costs can provide a number of benefits for a business. It helps to:

  • View costs across different partners, countries, and platforms
  • Defeat fragmented cost data
  • Give a clear and correct picture of ROI
  • Allow project managers to see marketing spend by activity

The challenge of cost aggregation

Advertising is a performance-driven operation, so having accurate numbers is critical to understand campaign performance and strategy effectiveness. Yet it’s very difficult to construct a truly functional aggregation process across channels and within one user interface.

The more media partners and platforms a campaign has, the more complicated this reconciliation can be. Different marketing partners/self-attributing networks like Facebook, Google, and Apple tend to have non-standard reports that can lead to inconsistencies when you’re looking to aggregate accurately. Time and effort go into pulling figures from different platforms, standardizing them, and combining them into one overview of spend that marketing and project managers can use.

Adjust and cost aggregation

Unsurprisingly, the manual process of cost aggregation has plenty of room for error. That’s where Adjust comes in.

You focus on the hard work of marketing your app and we’ll do the aggregation of your costs into one seamless dashboard to prove what’s working. Adjust offers integrations with ad partners and platforms which standardize the different formats into a central location to help you quickly and accurately visualize your ROI.

Cost aggregation through Adjust helps you to:

  • Bypass the need for many different dashboards, log-ins, and segregated reports
  • Increase accuracy to reduce the risk of mistakes
  • Get an unbiased view of ROI
  • Negate the need to manually collect cost data from various media sources
  • Improve efficiency by standardizing this data into a format that can be quickly analyzed by marketers

Learn more about the benefits of having all of your data in one place with Datascape, our analytics solution built for marketers.

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