What is a dashboard?

Glossary What is a dashboard?

The definition of dashboard

A dashboard is an information management tool that receives data from a linked database to provide data visualizations. It typically offers high-level information in one view that end users can use to answer a single question. In many cases, they can be configured to provide specific information to the end user and how this information is visualized. E.g., Numbers, charts, or graphs.

What is the use of a dashboard?

Often, information is categorized into panels on a dashboard so the end-users can get the needed information at a glance by clicking on a specific panel. Typically, users utilize them to easily monitor their key performance indicators (KPIs) to make data-driven decisions for their organization.

What is the importance of a dashboard?

Dashboards provide users from all different businesses the ability to monitor performance, create reports, and set estimates and targets for the future.

Benefits of data dashboards:

  • A visual representation of performance
  • The ability to identify trends
  • An easy way of measuring efficiency
  • The means to generate detailed reports with a single click
  • The capacity to make more informed decisions
  • Total visibility of all systems, campaigns, and actions
  • Quick identification of data outliers and correlations

In addition to the above, a dashboard can be particularly useful when it provides data in real time, automatically updating with the latest information. Having real-time data is pertinent to many businesses, especially app marketers who desire to optimize their campaigns as fast as possible for maximum success.

Differences between reports and dashboards

While both are essential business tools for assessing historical data, they differ in their offerings. Dashboards display live data that is dynamically updated whereas the data within a report is not live. Similarly, a dashboard’s meaning is for continual monitoring and interaction with data while reports are utilized on a periodic basis, such as quarterly or yearly, and present a static view of data.

What makes a good dashboard?

There are several things that constitute a good dashboard for an app marketer. First, an excellent user interface (UI), which allows the marketer to navigate through its various screens, features, and parameters, is essential. They should be user-friendly to empower their users to get the answers they need quickly.

Second, they should be dynamically updated, which means that when the data from their linked databases updates, the dashboard’s information should too! (Note that Adjust offers incredible automation for marketers’ bids and budgets in our Campaign Automation solution.)

Third, a business-friendly dashboard is one that can be tailored to the business’ needs and KPIs. This includes having the ability to effortlessly share the information with multiple export options, formatting options, different levels of permissions, and customizable alerts to let marketers know when specific metrics change, or certain thresholds are met.

Adjust and data dashboards for app marketers

As a mobile analytics platform for app marketers and developers, Adjust has several dedicated data dashboards with different areas of focus to empower our clients to grow their apps. They provide insights on various in-app performance metrics, as well as many customizable inclusions and features. Our settings are customizable, and data sets can be downloaded with a single click.

Let’s look at two from Adjust.

The Overview dashboard

The Adjust Overview dashboard offers our clients a quick snapshot of all their KPIs and performance metrics. For example, clients can see their top-performing app, the number of new users obtained, weekly or monthly data comparisons, and which networks are performing best. They’ll also be able to quickly identify the best and weakest areas of their app marketing campaigns in order to successfully optimize these campaigns. Here you can also Leverage raw data to skyrocket your app’s success.

Example of a dashboard from Adjust.

The Assists dashboard

The first of its kind, the Adjust Assists dashboard provides our clients with a comprehensive understanding of their user acquisition campaigns, with a groundbreaking inclusion of connected TV (CTV) campaigns and assists. Marketers can get essential insights on which campaigns, creatives, and ad groups are impacting conversions from their attributed channels and leverage built-in widgets to assess which types of engagements convert.

The Adjust Assists Dashboard for app marketers

Ready to optimize your app’s campaigns with data-driven decisions from our solution built for app marketers and developers? Accurate analytics, intuitive visualizations, and customizable KPIs are all vital aspects of Adjust’s powerful mobile analytics platform. Schedule your personal demo today to see firsthand why over 100,000 app businesses partner with Adjust.

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