What are dynamic product ads (DPAs)?

Glossary Dynamic product ads (DPAs)

What does dynamic product ads mean?

Dynamic Product Ads (DPAs) are ad templates that are personalized according to the individual consumer’s data: making them more useful, more welcome, and significantly more effective.

DPAs are assembled programmatically in real-time – using all relevant data that you have on a consumer to effectively personalize the advert. For example, if a user browses your running shoes collection before closing the app, a DPA showing your running shoes will at some stage encourage them to continue where they left off.

Why are dynamic product ads important?

By using DPAs instead of conventional ads, app marketers can avoid the inevitable time spent A/B testing and mulling over creative decisions (like each individual ad’s copy, format, and design). Instead, you’d simply produce a single template which then automatically displays recommendations tailored towards each individual.

What are the benefits of dynamic product ads?

Savvy optimizations can improve the user experience and streamline the path to purchase, ensuring your campaigns are aligned with your user funnel. By using deep links or universal links you can give users a seamless experience.

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