What is FAST TV?

Glossary What is FAST TV?

Free ad-supported streaming television (FAST TV) is a category of digital streaming that offers viewers access to a wide range of digital television channels for free. This is possible with advertisements, similar to traditional cable TV. In fact, it combines the traditional TV viewing experience of scheduled content with the modern convenience of streaming across multiple devices, making it a unique blend of old and new.

How does FAST TV differ from linear TV?

FAST TV stands as the over-the-top (OTT) alternative to traditional cable (linear) TV channels, allowing viewers to consume content with ad breaks, similar to linear TV. However, it distinguishes itself by being accessible for free across a multitude of devices, including connected TVs (CTVs), smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Plus, FAST TV channels generally feature a lower ad load–the number of ads during one TV break–averaging 8 to 10 minutes per hour compared to linear TV's more than 12 minutes. This provides viewers with a less interrupted viewing experience.

How does FAST TV differ from video on demand?

Unlike video on demand (VOD) services, which allow viewers to watch content at their leisure without adhering to a broadcasting schedule, FAST TV requires viewers to tune in at specific times. This scheduled approach to content delivery closely resembles the cable model but is delivered via the internet.

Examples of FAST TV platforms

Some of the major players in the FAST TV ecosystem are:

  • Samsung TV Plus
  • Amazon Freevee
  • Plex
  • Roku
  • Tubi
  • Xumo
  • Rakuten TV

These platforms offer a wide variety of content, from movies and TV shows to specialized interest channels, all available for free.

Examples of FAST TV channels

Prominent examples of FAST TV channels include:

  • Crackle’s Always On
  • Tubi’s Tubi Originals
  • Peacock’s Classic TV Crime
  • Pluto TV’s 80s Rewind
  • Xumo’s Free Nature & Wildlife TV
  • Amazon Freevee’s TalkTV
what is FAST TV

Why should marketers add FAST TV to the marketing mix?

FAST TV represents a golden opportunity for marketers to reach a broad and engaged audience. The combination of free access, lower ad loads, and the traditional, scheduled viewing experience attracts a diverse viewer base, making it an ideal platform for advertising campaigns.

To effectively integrate FAST TV into your marketing strategy, start by identifying which FAST channels align best with your target audience's interests and viewing habits. Then, craft compelling, engaging ads that complement the viewing experience. Given the lower ad load, it’s crucial to make your content stand out while adding value to the viewer's experience.

And, of course, leveraging the analytics and targeting capabilities offered by leading FAST platforms like Wurl can help optimize your campaigns for better performance and return on ad spend (ROAS).

Adjust, Wurl, and FAST TV

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Adjust is committed to helping you navigate the attribution, analytics and insights terrain in order to make your FAST TV marketing efforts a success with our leading CTV and OTT measurement solution. Seamlessly measure the performance of your ads within FAST channels and on CTV/OTT in general, and launch engaging campaigns that meet audiences at the right moments and convert.

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