The Adjust Mobile Measurement Glossary

Universal Linking


What is Universal Linking?

Universal linking is Apple’s method of launching apps on iOS when they are linked to from a website.

What Makes Universal Links Different?

There aren’t many differences between them and traditional deep links, other than that they are exclusive to Apple devices. However, they do offer a singular USP of being able to open a web page from application.

In terms of implementation, adding universal links is also similar to deep links, though instead of defining a custom URL scheme, a universal link matches a set of web pages to locations in-app. When a user opens a web page which is matched as described, iOS automatically redirects the user to the app.

Universal Linking and Adjust

Adjust have integrated universal linking on the platform as part of our deep linking offering. If you’re setting up for the first time, our universal linking documentation is our helping hand that can guide you through the process.