The secret to successful deep linking: A mobile marketer’s guide

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An Introduction to deep linking

Deep links are an essential part of the app marketer’s toolkit. They’re the pathways that connect users from campaign to app, streamlining user experience and exposing users to the right marketing, and the right pages.

Deep linking has existed for some time, referring to the practice of sending users “deeper” into a website. Instead of linking directly to the homepage, marketers use deep linking to highlight the pages that work best in the context a user finds that link. For example, you want users to share songs from your music app, so you can add deep links that enable links to open the song straight away, instead of just opening the app.

Creating this capability is more complicated than you might think, and this guide aims to give you the rundown of exactly what deep links can do. Getting your deep linking right is incredibly worthwhile, as it will make your mobile campaigns that much more successful.

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