Case Study: Tamatem

About Tamatem

Tamatem is the leading mobile games publisher in the MENA market. Based in Jordan, Tamatem specializes in publishing mobile games by partnering up with international game developers to localize their games and bring them to the Arabic-speaking market.

When they first launched in 2013, they developed a selection of games but decided to focus their efforts for the time being on publishing only. After massive successes in publishing for over 8 years and setting a strong foothold in the region, Tamatem is now expanding into developing their own games in the Arabic language.

The Challenge

When we first spoke to Tamatem, they had shifted from developing their own mobile games to publishing games from top developers globally to the Arabic market. This shift required Tamatem to scale their marketing by integrating an attribution provider that could accurately measure in-app events, campaign performance, channel ROI, and lifetime value (LTV).

Since then, Tamatem has continued to grow, while the mobile ecosystem as a whole has continued to rapidly evolve. Working with a number of different partners brought new challenges to integrating information, and Tamatem needed to discover new ways to optimize their ad creatives. And like many in the mobile industry, Tamatem needed to adapt their strategy after the change brought about by iOS 14.

The Solution

Adjust has become a go-to tool at Tamatem beyond just attribution data. Teams across Tamatem’s Marketing department use Adjust for their own purposes, including the teams responsible for User Acquisition (UA), social media, influencer marketing, creatives, ASO and SEO, PR, and data analytics. The User Acquisition team uses the Automate dashboard daily to track campaigns and optimize for metrics such as ROAS, retention, and CTR, while the creative team uses Adjust to measure creative performance and analyze creative fatigue.

The Adjust Automate dashboard has become a key part of the daily workflow at Tamatem, giving their marketing team the broad visibility they need to navigate and optimize their campaigns. Seeing cohort data and cost data in one place for the first time has allowed Tamatem to easily calculate their ROI and monitor retention to ensure they’re getting the most out of their campaigns.

Lamia Shreim

Marketing Manager, Tamatem

With Automate, Tamatem was able to discover revenue-boosting insights that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. In one case, Tamatem used Automate to look at how campaigns were performing on a country-by-country level, and discovered that one country in particular had an exceptionally high ARPU. They hadn’t previously noticed until the data was compared between countries. Tamatem proceeded to increase the number of campaigns in that country to great results.

Tamatem also uses Adjust to directly connect their monetization to their user acquisition. When Tamatem began running video ads by integrating with partners such as ironSource, they were able to use Adjust’s Ad Revenue reporting to view aggregated ad revenue data and accurately measure user LTV. Instead of needing to integrate both Ironsource and Adjust into Tableau to look at their aggregated data, they were able to save time and instantly view it all in one place on Automate’s Control Center.

Apple’s changes to the IDFA beginning with iOS 14 has forced mobile marketers everywhere to adapt, but Tamatem has done so better than most by focusing on the human element of their marketing. Tamatem has achieved high opt-in rates by using a language-localized version of Apple’s native ATT prompt with simple, friendly language, which they found outperformed using an additional in-app pop-up.

They also branched out more into influencer marketing as a channel to connect with users, a strategy that has proven successful on channels such as Snapchat and TikTok. And Tamatem doubled down on the quality of their creatives by leveraging Adjust to track, test, and optimize their performance.

Tamatem also sought to optimize their conversion value schema for SKAdNetwork, a key strategy for UA marketers to make the most of iOS campaigns. For more casual games that would bring in revenue within 7 or 14 days, Tamatem set up revenue buckets for conversion events in SKAdNetwork (as well as a track purchase event), while for games where users would take longer to monetize, they focused on level completion in order to track and improve user retention (and ultimately, monetization).

The Results

With over 1,000,000 monthly active users across over 45 games, Tamatem has become the go-to solution for developers who want to access the Arabic-speaking market. Their expertise in understanding and acquiring the region’s gamers is unparalleled, thanks to a smart strategy built around data-driven decision making. Tamatem’s long-term partnership with Adjust has helped them to achieve new heights:

  • Increase in Installs: almost 34%.
  • CTR Increase of 37% compared to the other networks.
  • ARPU increase after focusing on high-revenue-user country: around 30%.